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Forever Back - Lower Back Pain Relief

Updated on June 9, 2010

Forever Back - As Seen On TV

Along with my post about how infomercials have begun to be able to influence and become part of our personal lives and our shopping decisions, not to mention how addictive the As Seen On TV products can be, I am still amazed at how much a show can really get you to want to buy or use a product, even if you don't have the problem or issue that they are telling you they can help you solve. The Forever Back infomercial that I saw on a recent trip to Canada was one of these shows and products.

The Forever Back is an infomercial product that is designed to help you relieve yourself or help reduce lower back pain, at least that is what I got from the Forever Back infomercial. Now, I have never used the Forever Back and have not tried it so I cannot tell you if the Forever Back works, but what I can say is that this infomercial really did the trick in getting me to want to buy Forever Back. I don't actually normally have any back pain and my back doesn't normally bother me but when I was watching this show and it showed people with back pain, it got me to start to think about when I leave the gym and my lower back hurts.

It got me to remember what it was like to sleep on this horrible hotel bed a couple of business trips ago and when these memories spiked the Forever Back seemed like it would have been the ideal solution for me. It may not be the solution for everyone though but the infomercial definitely sold me on the value of a Forever Back.

From what I understand from the infomercial, Forever Back works by sending gentle electric pulses through your target areas and helps to relieve the things that are causing certain types of back pain. The technology is not anything new and has actually been around since the times of the Ancient Greeks.

According to, int he history section of T.E.N.S. technology, the Ancient Greeks used to use the same theory by going down to the shore and standing on electric fish. The electric pulses from the fish would in theory be able to help relieve the pains they were feeling and this same theory has been carried on ever since the first documentation in 63 A.D.

With this type of treatment being common for all this time, in my opinion, something in it has to work and make sense otherwise it probably wouldn't have lasted this long and have been around and continuously advanced. I don't suffer from constant back pain but I also hate going to doctors. For me the infomercial definitely convinced me to want to buy the Forever Back for myself for when my back may hurt. It's amazing how easy and how well these shows can convince us that we need these products, even when we don't regularly have the issues they represent.

Although I haven't actually tried the Forever Back myself, it will be interesting to see if I ever see the infomercial for Forever Back again and if it can get me to finally buy the Forever Back machine. For now I am going to hold off but it'll be neat to see what happens.


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