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Forgetfulness Reasons and Treatments

Updated on January 15, 2014

In a simple way we are going to explain all reasons of forgetfulness and poor concentration, and also we will show how to cure it. I counted 17 reasons for forgetfulness and 9 treatments. I am keen to cover this topic in a comprehensive manner and I think I did.

Let’s start………

The Definition of Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness is losing the ability of remembering OR it is defined as the inability to retrieve a memory when you need it. Also, forgetfulness is defined as a lapse of memory.

Poor concentration and forgetfulness are two of the most common diseases which a lot of persons face especially in crowded days like these days. They happen more with the age, but what about normal people in the adulthood? This is the question today and we are going to answer it.

Firstly, we have to divide forgetfulness reasons into 3 parts:

  1. First Part: It is about the normal and common reasons which anyone meets like lack of sleep and tiring.
  2. Second Part: It is about the special diseases like medications and underactive thyroid.
  3. Third Part: Psychological reasons, like depression and stress.

Now let’s take a look at these parts.

First Part: The Common Reasons of Forgetfulness and Poor Concentration

1. Poor Diet: Irresponsible diet system and irregular meals cause many troubles for body and forgetfulness is one of them. Generally, you should control meals time and components. Also, eating more fresh veggies and fruits affects memory positively.

2. Tiring and Overwork: Your work day shouldn’t exceed 8 hours. Your memory pays the cost of any addition hour.

3. High Temperature: Heat can make you crazy and destroy your concentration.

4. Lack of Sleep: There is no standard amount of hours of sleep, but commit with what you used to. Personally, I think 8 hours is very enough but I know 3 of my friends can sleep for 6 hours and wake up energetic.

5. Lighting Type: High lights may cause nervous and forgetfulness.

6. Noise: Noise is not only the loud sounds but also can be something like coarse dialogue. So, take care of effects like these.

Second Part: The Medical Reasons of Forgetfulness and Poor Concentration

7. Lack of Vitamins: I mean B12 vitamin in particular. You can find B12 vitamin in fish (salmon, sardines and crab), milk, cheese and yolk.

8. Thiamine Deficiency: Thiamine also called “Nerves Vitamin” because any shortage of it – even if it is low – causes imbalance in the brain activities.

9. Hormonal Imbalance: This includes any disorder in hormones and glands especially underactive thyroid and adrenal.

10. Lack of Folic Acid: You have to consume a lot of greens to compensate for the loss of folic acid.

11. Lack of Blood Sugar

12. Lack of Iron: It is very important for reducing forgetfulness, hair growth and pregnant health. You can find it in whole grains, soybeans, yolk, spinach and meat.

13. Medications: Some of sedatives, anti-depressants and blood pressure medications affect memory and cause forgetfulness.

14. Alcohols: Excessive alcohol leads to forgetfulness.

Third Part: The Psychological Reasons of Forgetfulness and Poor Concentration

15. Psychological Diseases: Your mind has a particular concentration area to face the normal activities of the day. Once you fill this area with other concentration points you feel psychological changes like anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

16. Depression: Feelings like sadness, decreasing doing enjoyable things and demotivating of life, all of them are signs of depression. These feelings make your mind full of negative responses and more susceptible to forgetfulness.

17. Daydreaming: Daydreaming is not bad all the times. It draws the mental image of our dreams, but the exaggeration of daydreaming gives rise to forgetfulness and makes poor concentrations. Thomas Edison was the most forgetful man and this was because of the crowd of daydreaming, thoughts and inventions in his mind.

How to Face and Cure Forgetfulness?

Simply, reread previous points and check what you can do with each point. For example, point 2 refers to “Tiring and Overwork”, so it is preferable to organize your work hours in a way which is helping to comfort. And so on.

Basically, succeeding in facing forgetfulness comes from gaining some positive habits and changes, like:

1. Balanced Diet: It is not only for lessening forgetfulness but also for a healthy life. Choose the suitable diet for your lifestyle and commit with.

2. Fitness: Balanced Diet and Fitness are the two wings of the good health bird. You can gain fitness by choosing a sport. Make exercising for this sport as a daily habit. 30 minutes of pure breathing outdoor can make a big change. Even if you can’t do it outdoor, you can allocate a specific corner of your house to do exercise though I recommend outdoor walking/jogging.

3. Meditation Exercises: If you can’t join a meditation session, I recommend – at least – reading one or two books about this great habit. After reading a book like “Meditation for Beginners” for Stephanie Clement, Ph.D. you will be able to do meditation exercises anyway and anywhere. And you will know a lot of things about yourself and life in general. These exercises promote memory and work well against forgetfulness.

4. Sleeping Well: People think that body needs 8 hours at least of sleeping and of course they’re right but I think each body has his own nature. If your body used to wake up energetic after 6 hours of sleeping then your minimum limit of sleeping shouldn’t be less than 6 hours, and so.

In your opinion and experience, what are the main reasons for forgetfulness?

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5. Doing Memory Trainings: Why not? It is like any exercise. On the contrary, it is very interesting and will add a great deal of joy to your day. Search for memory games and trainings on Google, App Store and Google Play.

6. Make A Health Check: This for being reassured about potential diseases.

7. Use All Your Senses: Each one of us focuses on using just one sense to receive information. Boost your sensors by using more than one sense. When you speak to someone look at him to use vision sense, listen to him carefully to use hearing sense, check hand to use touch sense and so. This will make you more concentrated and consequently remember better than before.

8. Caffeine Drinks: They give you more concentration and this may work well against forgetfulness. But drink them in moderated way.

9. Ask your Doctor: It is the simplest solution to know what the matter with you is.

The last word about curing forgetfulness is:

Reading. Read more about your memory and how to boost it. Someone like Tony Buzan is a specialist in brain and memory. Try to read more for him and benefit his researches. Or even choose the preferable authors or books to read more about forgetfulness symptoms and treatments.


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    • AmrElNawawy profile image

      Amr El Nawawy 4 years ago from Egypt

      You're Welcome :)

    • Life Coach Cyndy profile image

      Cyndy Adeniyi 4 years ago from Georgia

      I never really thought about the connection between caffeine and memory. I'm going to keep track of that for a few days. If grabbing a cup of Joe can help me find my keys, I'm game. Thanks for the idea.