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Format of training for 10k

Updated on April 28, 2011

The training for 10k is a very easy way to start running. It helps to reduce weight. In initial time, everyone feels some difficulties, but with the passage of time it becomes the habit, and you feel healthy. If somebody has not done before it is important to work out a realistic goal time. This is important not only in terms of your racing plan but also for correct training speeds.

The best way to establish 10km goal time would be to use previous race times as a goal, for example, using 5km race time, and you should prepare for a 10km time of about 2.1 times your 5km time. Training for 10k for anybody has decided his goal race time, then choose the training program that is closest to that goal. For example, if you believe that your goal time is 45 minutes for the 10k, then simply choose the 40 minute program and adjust some of the training speeds to meet your goal time.

Training for 10k without writing an individualized training program it is difficult to establish a weekly training program. This program provides key sessions and lets you structure the weekly key sessions into your working week. It is important that you have at least one easy day or day off between all hard days. Hard days are those days in which you complete the key sessions. We can schedule our training in a week like one week of training for 10k.

Sample Week

Monday runs 20 minimum continuously.

Tuesday run 1.5 miles

Wednesday run 2 miles

Thursday run 35 minimum

Friday run 2 miles

Saturday run 40 minimum

Sunday off

If you have already been running a little, then you can begin the 7-week schedule. If you are new to running, then the 10-week schedule is a safe program to get you started and prepares you for training for 10k. Don’t be afraid to start slowly. If you have decided to run then nobody can stop you. Practice makes a man perfect. You must be off in a whole week.

It will give a comfort level to your muscles. Then on next week you will feel very comfort for race. I recommend seeing a medical expert that can give you a clean bill of health before you start running program. After getting the OK from your doctor, the first thing to do is find a race you want to run, but when you’re embarking on a training program for the first time, it’s important that you are well enough to do the physical training. The Quality Run is concerned with real speed and can be done on level roads or paths. The Long Run is done at a steady pace after which one should be tired but not exhausted. I also suggest personal coaches are able to dedicate their daily lives to running. When completing a 10k race the perceived exertion you would expect to would be approximately a 7-8 out of 10. You can follow these tips for better training.    


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