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Forskolin Blend, A Natural Way To Lose Fat

Updated on January 20, 2016

Forskolin is found in a plant/herb called Plectranthus Barbatus and sometimes referred to as Coleus forskohlii. It has a purple colored center with light green

Have you heard of Forskolin? It is an herb which is rampant in India and east of Africa. This same herb is being used as a treatment for various diseases and has proven to be very effective.

One of those conditions is obesity and it is a leading killer in the world today. Obesity brings about more illnesses like cardiovascular conditions, heart ailments and diabetes, among others. Some resort to medical treatments but others are into traditional medicine and herbal supplements specifically weight loss supplements.

People are being saved from dying prematurely due to having too much body fat – thanks to veggie capsules like Forskolin Blend. If not for these types of belly fat burner supplements, obesity will not be contained. It will continue to kill in a vast scale.

Me in 2010 (not overweight or obese) Looking Healthy and Fit

Me in 2015, 220 pounds :-(

The Answer to Obesity

I used to be very fit and chunky, as they call it now. I am of Spanish descent which means my body type is pear shaped. I have smaller shoulders, breasts and waist in ratio to my hips, butt and legs. But I had no problems with it until I got married and had my babies. 5 babies to be exact.

I began to gain quite a few pounds at first. From 118 pounds (20 years old), I topped at 170 pounds after my first pregnancy. I lost around 40 pounds and weighed at 130 after 8 months. It was ok for a few years, then, I got pregnant again.

When I had my second, I thought I was going to lose it all again. With my 5 foot 4 inch frame, I am supposed to be at most 140 pounds. But at 23 years old, I was 150 pounds. Then came my third and my forth and now, just 9 months ago, my 5th child. My biggest, so far, was at 220 pounds. This is a serious issue because I became hypertensive and there were times when I had difficulty breathing.

At this very moment, I am at 208 pounds. It is still a long road ahead but yes, I lost 12 pounds in a few short months. I did that without exercising and I had to cut back a little bit on my carbohydrates plus I used Forskolin Blend. Let me tell you about this great supplement that has helped me gain back my self-confidence.

Me, January 2016 (lost 12 pounds and counting!) The slim one is my daughter ( I had no other whole body picture.)

What is Forskolin Blend?

According to Forskolin reviews from those who have tested and tried the supplement, it is herbal and sort of like “diet pills that work fast for women” and men too, of course. But unlike the synthetic diet pills, this is not artificial.

It is made out of plants, makes you lose your appetite and increases your metabolism. In fact, Forskolin Blend has been rated by users as 4.4 out of 5 stars. Is it expensive? Not at all!

As for me, it did increase my energy levels. I can drive my kids to and from school, attend to them and still find time to work part time. I seldom have cravings for chocolate, unlike before wherein I need to eat every single day! I get full easily too when eating my meals.

Other facts about Forskolin Blend…

  • The supplement is 20% Standardized.

This blend means that the potency of the herb (Coleus forskohlii) is rather high. It is four times more effective than those generic belly fat burner pills and the likes. 250mg is the allotted dosage for each veggie capsule.

  • Dr. Oz swears by the efficiency of the herb.

The famous doctor/TV personality mentioned about a study on overweight men using Coleus forskohlii. According to him, there was a substantial amount of loss on body fat. Even the body composition has greatly improved – the fat became lean muscle.

  • Forskolin promotes the production of cyclic AMP (Cyclic adenosine monophosphate) – metabolizes sugar, glycogen and fat.

Results and effects on users, Forskolin reviews (from the internet):

- No more late night binges.

- Cravings are lessened.

- There is more energy throughout the day to perform other activities.

- When eating, one will get full easily.

- One user lost 7lbs in one month.

Forskolin Blend can suppress the appetite. It can definitely burn body fat. It can effectively boost one’s metabolism. All of these combined, the effect is towards improving a person’s health. Lose weight and be healthy in a natural way.

I will indeed continue using this supplement because it has positive effects on me. I have experienced no bad reactions whatsoever - except maybe sleeping late due to high energy but still able to wake up early in the morning. I want to reach my target weight of 140-150 pounds. This i believe will make me look and feel better about myself. I will be healthier, for my sake and for my children's as well.


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