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Fort Worth Resident Ineligible for Knee Replacements, Gets Pain Relief with Non-Surgical Cold Laser in Irving, Texas

Updated on August 9, 2011

Millions of Americans have to forego knee surgery every year because of serious health conditions that prevent them from going under the knife. They are often told to just ‘learn to live with’ severe knee pain because their surgeons don’t want them to risk the complications that come with knee surgery.

Fort Worth resident and retired business owner Mr. Edward W. was one of those patients not eligible for total knee replacements due to a pre-existing heart condition. He decided to undergo cold laser treatments along with physiotherapy at the DFW Spine & Joint Center in Irving, Texas with Dr. Alexandra Schnee, D.C.

Mr. W. had suffered with severe knee pain for years and over time the loss of cartilage on the medial aspect (inside) of both knees had caused both legs to become bow-legged. “[Prior to starting cold laser and therapy treatments with Dr. Alexandra Schnee] I suffered with severe knee pain in both legs,” Mr. Edward W. stated. “The knee pain was constant 0 to 10 the pain was a 10. I couldn’t walk, climb stairs or even sleep through the night. Even though the orthopedic surgeon recommended I get a knee replacement it was not done because of CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) and a blood clotting condition. The MRI revealed I had bone on bone and the cartilage in my knee was minimal. I tried pain medications, and two knee injections but those didn’t work. Since completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I can walk better, sleep better, stand for a longer period of time without knee pain. My knees are more than 50% better than when I initially came in to do treatments. I am pleased with the results.” Not only did Mr. W notice a significant reduction in knee pain and swelling in both knees; but he also experienced renewed strength in both knees. For the first time in years, Mr. W is planning a vacation with his wife because now he can walk without knee pain.

Mr. W was fortunate to have been a perfect candidate for Dr. Alexandra Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program which he initially read about in the Dallas Morning News. After reading an article about Dr. Schnee, Mr. Edward W. decided he no longer wanted to ‘tolerate the pain’ so he called her office and made an appointment to come in for an initial evaluation and x-rays. Not only did he have a condition that responded well to cold laser treatments (bone on bone knee pain) but he also had realistic expectations about the outcome. Mr. W wanted pain relief and a better quality of life and Dr. Schnee felt that he had a good chance of achieving that with her Cold Laser Knee Program.

Since 2001, Dr. Schnee has been successfully treating patients suffering from knee pain with non-surgical cold laser therapy. These patients usually want to avoid knee surgery or are unable to undergo knee surgery due to pre-existing health conditions. Patients suffering from heart disease, diabetes, obesity are never good candidates for major surgery. If you suffer from knee pain and are not a good candidate for knee surgery you too don’t have to deal with the pain any longer. Call the DFW Spine & Joint Center in Irving, Texas at 214-596-1051 to find out if you’re a candidate for Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program. Visit her website at to read more about her program and to hear other patients’ stories.

Dr. Alexandra K. Schnee, B.S.,D.C.,-Your Dallas- Fort Worth Cold Laser Doctor for the Non-Surgical Treatment of Knee Pain. -“Helping People with Knee Pain in the Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas since 2001.”



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