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Four Easy Steps to Help You Develop Your Natural Adult Voice

Updated on May 26, 2013

The way your voice sounds speaks a lot about who you are. It can tell other people whether you feel confident, scared, nervous, or calm. As such, if you want to sound more authoritative and mature, then you need to learn how to use your natural adult voice.

Developing your natural adult voice is easy. However, it will take some time before you can effortlessly incorporate it into your daily conversations. Also, practice plays a crucial role in helping you achieve a deeper and more natural adult voice. Follow the four steps outlined below for you to achieve a more confident and authoritative aura.


Record Your Conversations

You need to do this in order for you to hear how you naturally sound during your conversations. You might be surprised at how high-pitched and nasal your voice is. For this exercise to be effective, you need to record your actual conversations. Recording your voice with your smartphone all by yourself gives you the opportunity to “cheat” or subconsciously try to make your voice deeper.

You don’t have to tell the person you’re speaking with about your “finding my adult voice” activity. Just simply click the “Record” button on your phone and let your conversation flow naturally. Once you get home, listen carefully to your recordings. Find areas within your voice that you think need improvement.

Hum A Song

This is the simplest and most effective way for you to develop your adult voice. It’s because humming causes you to use your natural adult voice automatically. As an exercise, hum your favorite songs everyday. Afterwards, try replacing your speaking tone with your humming tone. In addition, try to replace conversational fillers such as “well”, “ah”, or “like” with “um-hum”. The latter will make your voice more resonant. Try it.

Execute Proper Breathing


Proper breathing is an essential element that will help you use your natural voice effortlessly. What to do? Try this simple activity. Lie down on a bed or sit on a chair. Next, put one hand on your stomach and the other one on your chest. Breathe in through your nostrils. If your stomach expands, then you’re executing proper breathing. But if your chest is the one that’s moving, then you need to work with your breathing techniques.

If you breathe with your chest, your voice will sound hurried and anxious. On the other hand, if you breathe through your diaphragm, your voice will become more resonant and forceful. As such, practice proper breathing everyday at least 5 to 10 minutes. Doing so will not only help you develop your natural voice but will also do wonders to your physical and even emotional well-being.


Once you find your natural adult voice, it’s time for you to practice. Try saying “no” in the most forceful manner you can without shouting. And don’t forget to incorporate your humming voice. Repeat this for a couple of times more. Next, try doing the same with other common words such as “go”, “push”, and “right”. Doing this exercise on a regular basis will help you incorporate your adult voice naturally throughout your conversations.

Finally, don’t be afraid of other people’s reaction or criticism towards your new voice. They may find it unusual at first, but later on they will surely get acquainted with it. Besides, your natural adult voice is not new. It’s been with you all along. Follow the four easy steps listed above and you will definitely develop a voice that will project confidence.


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