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Six Great Reasons to Do Cardiovascular Exercise and Some Reasons Why Many People Don't Exercise Enough

Updated on February 9, 2021
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Introduction to the exercise and fitness topic

Exercise is an important component of daily living and it involves many different types of exercise. There are three parts to this Hub. The first part is going to focus on the reasons for doing cardiovascular exercise. The second part will focus on some of the reasons why many people don’t get enough exercise. And finally, the last part will attempt to explain why regular exercise is absolutely necessary. I have been doing cardiovascular exercise since 2004 on a consistent basis and I wanted to share with you the reasons why I believe this type of exercise is good for your health. I know this topic is broad but here are the reasons that I can come up with. So let’s get started on some of the major health benefits of cardiovascular or any kind of exercise. Remember that we must not overwork our bodies.

Exercise and fitness is a VERY important part of our overall health.
Exercise and fitness is a VERY important part of our overall health. | Source

Six Reasons to engage in cardiovascular or any kind of exercise

  1. First of all, cardiovascular exercise or any exercise gets the blood flowing throughout the body and increases your energy level. There is nothing better than a great workout to help you feel better physically and especially mentally.
  2. Cardiovascular exercise such as walking or jogging on the treadmill or riding a stationery bicycle makes you feel better mentally by releasing endorphins. I personally prefer to use the treadmill most of the time though. I suggest going for a run or a jog because it makes you feel better even if you do only 30 minutes of it. I can usually do it for up to 45 minutes pretty well. I suggest doing cardiovascular exercise for a minimum of 3 times per week. If you can do more than that, you will see more benefits. However, When the weather cools down you can exercise more often as we head into autumn and winter. If you have an exercise machine at home that is really great because then you won’t feel like you missed an opportunity to exercise. For those of you with certain health conditions, please consult a physician before starting any exercise program.
  3. When you do cardiovascular exercise, your heart muscle gets strengthened. This is another great reason to start walking, running or jogging. The heart is a major muscle inside of our bodies and if you don’t use a muscle you will lose it.
  4. When you do cardiovascular exercise, this allows you to set goals for yourself that you can look forward to accomplishing. Goal setting is really important especially when it comes to exercise and fitness.
  5. And lastly, cardiovascular exercise and exercise in general helps to eliminate any fears that you may have. It has been true in my experience especially recently. I believe the reason for the elimination of the fear is that as you are focusing on the exercise, you become motivated and you just feel so much better. When you feel that good, there is no way to have fear. Good cardiovascular exercise will eliminate fear for sure. Yes, the exercise won’t help you get a job or make a mortgage payment. But one thing it will do is that it will make you feel much better physically and mentally. And these days, good mental and physical health is extremely important.
  6. Note: contrary to what I mentioned earlier when I first wrote this article, physical exercise does help a person stand out in their job or career. How does exercise help a person in their job or career? For instance, if someone enjoys running, that running exercise may help them to bond with a manager that brings his or her running shoes when they go on business trips.

Some reasons why many in the United States don't exercise enough

Exercise is an extremely important part of daily living. Unfortunately, too many people especially in the United States don’t exercise enough. With the invention of the World Wide Web and social networking web sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it is easy to see why so many individuals don’t exercise. The Internet has become a big addiction for many people and as a result, many are living a sedentary lifestyle. These habits lead to weight gain, increased blood pressure, increased risk for heart attacks and strokes as well as other health problems. However, addiction to the Internet is not the only reason for the lack of physical activity among US children and adults. We have too many people that are constantly sitting at their desks all day long and they don’t move around very much. That sedentary lifestyle combined with massive soft drink consumption can lead to lots of problems with your health. There are some other reasons as well.

Some people just do not like to exercise. They don’t think it is worth it to spend the time to engage in physical activity. They may think of physical activity as too time consuming. Other people do not have the knowledge of what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. These people were most probably raised by parents who provided them with meals high in saturated fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar. Generally, people who consume food that is unhealthy also tend to not exercise. And then, there are other people who say that they do not have the time to dedicate to exercise. They may have children to take care of and a wife or husband to provide for. Marriage results in both partners spending time trying the latest foods and wines. Meanwhile, the time dedicated to physical activity disappears as the responsibilities increase. Whatever the reasons are among people for the lack of exercise, it is obvious that the average person in America doesn’t exercise enough and spends too much time watching the television or browsing the World Wide Web. The average American also tends to eat a diet that is high in fat, salt, sugar and low in dietary fiber. In fact, many people in America don’t eat enough fruits or vegetables. Also, the amount of people in the US participating in sports or physical activity has declined sharply since 1969. In fact researchers over at the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted surveys of 450,000 US adults that were 18 years old or older across every single state in 2013. And what they discovered was staggering! It is estimated that over 80 percent of US adults do not get the minimum recommended amounts of exercise per week (Jaslow, 2013).

And many people are stuck in traffic and it takes what seems like forever for them to get home. Is it any surprise why many people in America are stressed out? Nothing surprises me about the lifestyle of the average person.

The long work hours and stress on the job also seem to have caused many people to not exercise enough. When you work long hours, you come home feeling very tired and you don’t have the energy for a workout. I understand that some of you have a work schedule that requires lots of commitment and dedication to your job or career. But saying that you do not have time to exercise has become a very common excuse for not exercising. You don’t have to run five miles per day but if you exercise a minimum three days per week you will feel much better physically. Take a walk, lift weights or swim but whatever you do make sure to exercise at least some days during the week.

Your Reason For Not Exercising Enough

What is your reason for not exercising enough?

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What happens when we make excuses for not exercising?

When you make excuses for not exercising, this behavior pattern becomes a part of you. When people make excuses for not exercising enough, they fall into the pattern of not exercising. As a result, when there is no movement, the heart muscle isn’t used. There is no effective blood flow throughout the body and as a result, the body is deprived of the oxygen that it needs to function. Regardless of the reasons why so many people in America do not exercise enough, the decision to exercise or not comes from each individual person. Every person is responsible for their own lifestyle choices. Which choice are you going to make?

An interesting theory explaining why some of us don't exercise

If you need another interesting reason why some people don’t exercise enough, Dr. Sherry Pagoto who is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University Of Massachusetts Medical School provides us with one. Her thought process or theory for why many of us don’t exercise enough is because of “our desire to avoid any experience of discomfort” (Pagoto, 2014). This is an interesting theory because what you are about to read is some of the most common reasons or excuses that people give for not exercising or working out.

A sedentary lifestyle is what happens to people that do not exercise regularly. They spend most of their day sitting down just as this businessman is doing in this photo.
A sedentary lifestyle is what happens to people that do not exercise regularly. They spend most of their day sitting down just as this businessman is doing in this photo. | Source

Some of the Most Common Reasons Given For Not Exercising or Working Out

There are two possibilities for not exercising and these are the two main reasons that you may be reluctant to exercise. The first one is that some people just might not know any better. They might not be aware of the benefits of regular exercise combined with a healthy diet. Or they may just not have the time to exercise. Some of the most common reasons that I hear people say when it comes to exercise are:

“I just don’t have the time.”

“I don’t like to work out.”

“I’m lazy about working out.”

These are the three most common reasons that I hear people give when it comes to why they don’t exercise. And they are actually excuses that hold you back from exercising.

You Can Stick With Your Old Ways Or Try A New Way

What The Consequences of Lack of Exercise Are

If this is the first time you’re reading something like this, it may be hard for you to believe. But excuse making is most probably what holds most people away from the exercise machines and near the TV sets. The rise of technological inventions such as Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging via mobile phones doesn’t help much either. The average American is addicted to these things like a kid is addicted to gummy bear’s candy. People in the United States always want things to happen in an instant. That’s another way of saying instant gratification. That’s why people send text messages left and right. And some even make the dangerous mistake of texting while driving a car. And some people spend hours and hours on Facebook playing all these different games! Think about how much time the average American wastes with these technological gadgets. The amount of time spent on these things can be spent exercising and improving your body. And that inaction when it comes to your health will make you pay in a huge way. You’ll find out for yourself the hard way if you choose to not take care of your body. But I’m assuming that since you chose to read this, you are interested in living a higher quality life. If that’s the case, I’m here to help you do that.

And a lack of exercise means that your energy level will be lower, you will feel more lethargic, and you will be more likely to gain weight. This would be true if you have a tendency to gain weight no matter what you eat. I’m really fortunate because I have a really high metabolism and I burn off the calories pretty easily. I know that you probably can’t exercise every day. But the thought that goes through my mind is unless you are one of those people that work over 12 hours a day, you should be able to have some time to put into your schedule to exercise. Are you still convinced that somehow exercise is just a choice?

It will no longer be just a choice once your body starts to break down and you start to feel sicker than you’ve ever felt in your life. That’s right! A body that doesn’t move regularly is a body that will waste away in time. If I have scared you enough it is because I want to motivate you to live a life of higher quality and not the kind of lifestyle that people in many Western countries live.


Jaslow, R. (2013, May 3). CDC: 80 percent of American adults don't get recommended exercise. Retrieved from CBS News:

Pagoto, S. (2014, November 10). The Real Reason We Don't Exercise. Retrieved from Psychology Today:

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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