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Four Practical Tips for Buying Health Insurance

Updated on October 26, 2016

Health is important to everyone. However, majority of the people are unaware about the means to keep it in a sound state. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the need of an hour, yet no one is aware of any malaise that may affect health. Treatment and cure of health conditions is costly. To mitigate the ill-effects of severe medical conditions or unfortunate events, it is necessary to have a financial cushion.

A health insurance policy is essential to safeguard your pocket from the impact of unwanted expenses arising due to sudden illnesses, medical conditions or accidents. This policy covers the hospitalization charges, so that you could focus better on the recovery rather than the bill.

There are several health insurance plans available in the market. Here are a few practical tips that will help you choose the best one.

Chose an Insurer wisely

There are two types of insurance companies, life and general. Life insurance companies offer life plans whereas general insurers provide health, car, and other non-life insurance plans. Life plans do have health cover or rider, but focus is kept on the life cover, thus minimizing the cover extended to health. Thus, it is recommended to choose a general insurer while choosing a health plan.

Assess your health needs

Your healthcare needs are going to vary with age, lifestyle, and place of residence. Depending on these factors, you should choose the sum insured amount wisely. The amount should be adequate enough to cover the hospitalization and medical care expenses for the insured period.

Check the list of network Hospitals

It is necessary to find the number of network hospitals that are in the proximity, before you choose a health insurance plan. Choose a plan that has more number of network hospitals in the proximity. This will help you avail cashless medical treatment easily.

Compare the Quotes

In order to get the best policy online, it is necessary to compare the quotes generated by different health insurance plans. Compare quotes not only for the premium amount to be paid but also for benefits, extent of covers, and exclusions.


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