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Four Signs You Should Be Seeing A Doctor

Updated on January 9, 2015

Every healthy day is a blessing . In the most delicate and complicated system on earth that is the human body things can go wrong very easily . Our bodies are the mark of our existence , so being concerned about it not taking a luxury , but a duty . It won’t be a bad thing if you can take certain measures and make lifestyle corrections before you get a stroke or go into some other form of complete shutdown . Appointment with a doctor is ofcourse better than ending up directly in the emergency room . If you can read some certain underlying signs and warnings in your daily life you might save yourself from a lot of regrets latter . There are some very common signs in our everyday life that can point you to the fact that something is going to be wrong soon . The problem about these signs are that they are usual occurrences in our life and therefore can be hard to understand when they are actually signs of some underlying disease condition ….

1.TIREDNESS ( fatigue)

tiredness .... might be an illness
tiredness .... might be an illness | Source

Tiredness is a normal thing . For the very fact that we human beings are made up of flesh and blood we get tired or feel fatigued . You are feeling fatigued for a several days that may be due to sleepless nights , over working , drinking or caffeine . Get some sleep and cut down on the booze and coffee and you would be fine .

but what if you are still tired ? despite having a healthy well routined life , if you are tired all the time it might be a sign of some underlying condition . Conditions related to persisting fatigue are ---

. Type one diabetes

. Type two diabetes

. Heart disease

. Emphysema

. Hyperthyroidism

. Hypothyroidism

. Chronic kidney disease

. Anemia

. Cancer

. Acute liver failure


. Obesity

. Restless leg syndrome

If you are getting enough sleep , drinking plenty of fluids ( except alcohol…) , and following a healthy diet and the fatigue is still persisting for more than a week or two you should be seeing a doctor . You SHOULD be getting emergency help if your fatigue is accompanied by any of the following

. severe headache

. chest pain

. shortness of breath

. abnormal bleeding including vomiting blood or bleeding from rectum

. irregular heartbeat

. feeling of passing out .

2. SWEATING (hyperhidrosis)

you're not very well when you're always wet.....
you're not very well when you're always wet..... | Source

sweating is your body’s thermoregulatory system . It is a normal physiological condition by which our body copes with excess heat . There are also people who are always wet in their hands and feet . Their condition is called primary hyperhidrosis and they are like this from childhood . But if you are not one of them and are suddenly experiencing excessive sweating in any certain areas like your hands or feet or armpits , you’re likely to be suffering from secondary hyperhidrosis which might be the sign of a certain medical condition . Some of the diseases associated with excessive sweating are :

. diabetes

. parkinson’s disease

. lymphoma

. rheumatoid arthritis

. hyperthyroidism

. gout

. infection

Women going through menopause or pregnancy experience secondary hyperhidrosis . Apart from that if you’re getting wet in the hands and feet frequently , get an appointment with the doctor .

3. LOSS OF APPETITE ( anorexia)

eating very less is not a healthy habit ....
eating very less is not a healthy habit .... | Source

: you may not feel like eating , skip lunch or dinner sometimes - that’s a normal thing with everyone , though not a healthy practice . But if it is becoming a regular thing , you should get serious . Being anorexic and loosing a lot of weight in a short time without even trying are signs of cancer or some other serious pathological conditions . Following cancers are associated with anorexia –

. colon cancer

. pancreatic cancer

. ovarian cancer

. stomach cancer

Other causes include –


. hepatitis

. heart failure

. chronic liver disease

. chronic kidney failure


. dementia

. pregnancy ( pregnancy first trimester)

If you are doing cocaine, amphetamine or some other street drugs you might experience anorexia . If you loose a lot of weight without even trying , you should contact health care provider. If your anorexia is the side effect some medication , contact your doctor first before stopping the medication or changing the dosage.


unless you are a fish shortness of breath should be a concern .....
unless you are a fish shortness of breath should be a concern ..... | Source

What would you do if you experience any of the four signs ?

See results

shortness breath is not really a everyday condition . If you climb a hundred flight of stairs you might be out of breath , but otherwise any kind of breathing problem is an indicative of heart or lung malfunction . Because our heart and lung is associated with providing oxygen to the tissues and eliminating carbon dioxide from the body if you are grasping for air often , either one of these organs of yours are in danger . Common causes of shortness breath include :

. asthma

. low blood pressure

. carbon monoxide poisoning

. pulmonary embolism

. pneumonia

. pneumothorax

. heart attack

. upper airway obstructions

. cardiac tamponade

In case of heart problems


Heart arrythmias


Heart failure

In case of lung problems



Pulmonary edema

Lung cancer



Pulmonary edema

Pulmonary hypertension

Pulmonary fibrosis

Other causes why people are short on breath :



Foreign object inhaled


Gullein barre syndrome

Myasthenia gravis

Well , these are the four common signs that tell you to get a doctor’s appointment and make corrections before it gets too late .Stay healthy , stay happy .


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