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Four Snore and a Couple Nights Ago

Updated on September 14, 2011

Episode 1, the Beginning

One of my joys in life is a handful of things: making people laugh, listening to and creating music, science, success with my career, and dreaming. I will make this a multi-part piece first describing the dream and then analyzing it and how it fits into my life. I think this will be fun.

As a creative person, I take a look at dreams like I’m about to go on vacation. I have the ability to control them, reference that I am dreaming within in a dream, and I am able to produce the craziest, most vivid scenes in my dreams. I only have had nightmares a few times in my life and all of those occurred as a child. Fear, 99.9% of the time, has never fallen upon me in dreams. A part of me wishes that when I die later in my life, I would be in a coma instead so I can dream, dream, dream until I can’t dream anymore.

One more thing, if I am unable to release the energies of my creativity via songwriting, writing lyrics, stories or blogs, my dreams get very interesting and very vivid. The dreams become amazing.

Moving forward, I will start with the most interesting dream I have ever had. I do this because I want people to be interested in this series and also so I don’t lose them when I tell less interesting stories about my dreams, right?

The Lore of Snore

I do not recognize this place, I must be in some city, from what it looks like, after a devastating war. I do see a convenience store, a CVS or something of that kind within shouting distance to my right and now I feel just a pinch more safe and at home. Rubble, pieces of buildings and their framework were lying everywhere. Holes were in buildings, roofs were blown off and the town that I vaguely recognize is starting to look more like Europe after World War II.

From what I remember, I was the only person in the streets and it was then that I realized that I probably shouldn’t be where I was currently standing. The ground was shaking, with either explosions being set off in the distance or a large army fighting nearby. As I peeked over some rubble, up ahead coming around a corner of a large building about 8 or so blocks away marched an army I have never seen before.

In movies, either armies wear green, brown, etc but this army looked like futuristic military smashed together with old world steel. I decided that standing out in the open was probably a terrible idea. By now the army is around 4 blocks away so I ran and hid to the side of a building with my head sticking out of the alley, curious about what is going on. Across the street from me on the other side of the road was a young boy, about eleven years old or so and with this look in his eyes, I knew exactly what he was planning to do. While staying low, he ran over to me crouching low to the ground.

When he finally reached me, the first thing I asked was, “what is going on here?” I don’t remember much about his face and he never answered my question. The kid begged me, “just don’t let him see you. Ever. He will find you.”

For some reason, at that point, I realized that I was dreaming. Therefore, I got a little confident and a little cocky. I decided to get a closer look because at our viewpoint, some rubble in the road is blocking our view. So, darting closer between slabs of concrete, I made it about three fourths of a block away from the waiting army. That is when I saw something truly amazing.

This army was huge. The men in the crazy uniforms looked like they were a S.W.A.T. team mixed with old world steel, almost like a ultramodern Shredder character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but a lot darker and creepier. The “foot soldiers” in this army were not shorter than six feet tall and they were at ease, standing around a round, hovering massive tank-like vehicle. The tank-like vehicle was stopped because their leader was giving orders in the center of this group of soldiers. This leader didn’t have a face; it was all black where his face would be. He was also around eight or so foot tall as he stood around his men, looking like a military version of a Nazgûl (from the Lord of the Rings).

I crouched behind a slab of concrete and tried to see what was going on. The leader was standing with his back to me and then turned around almost instantaneously appeared to look at me right into my soul. I immediately fell backwards and ran to my left into the closest building and dived into a small room. I tried to slam the door behind me but as I was doing so, the door flew open and I just fell to the floor in the center of the room. The Leader (as I will call him) started to circle around me, looking down at me and speaking. The language he spoke was not even close to anything I have ever heard before in my life. As he angrily stabbed his words into my mind, the entire room shook.

It was the shaking of my world and the Leader’s words entering my skin that woke me up. I was in my bedroom at my apartment with the covers kicked off of me. It was when I was leaving for work, walking out to my car where I saw him on the road in the distance, walking towards me. He had come for me and that is when I truly woke up for real.

Imagine this picture with no spiky things or no face that is 8 feet tall. Yikes.
Imagine this picture with no spiky things or no face that is 8 feet tall. Yikes. | Source

UnSNOREgettable Moments

I think the most important parts of this creepy dream would be being alone, seeing the tall leader, the speaking to me while I am on the floor and seeing the brave kid. All of these things don’t seem that crazy when seen on black and white, described in words on electronic paper. These images combine to create the wildest, most vibrant and colorful dream I have ever had in the thirty years and counting life of mine.

So what do these scenes of my dream mean? What is with the hovering, futuristic tank? The advanced Shredder/Nazgûl leader speaking to me where I could feel it on my skin? Thanks from the assistance of, the following are interpretations of what this dream meant, in a nutshell.

The rest of the army looked a little like this. Imagine Half-Life 2 Combine soldiers mixed with Halo. A little weird and no I don't play video games that much anymore.
The rest of the army looked a little like this. Imagine Half-Life 2 Combine soldiers mixed with Halo. A little weird and no I don't play video games that much anymore. | Source

Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal

What the Beep Sleep?

The first subject I am going to cover is the “being alone in a war-ravaged zone” part of my dream. The survival aspect means that the scene represents my battle for my well-being in my life perhaps financial survival or survival to protect my own identity. As for the holes and the destruction of the city I am in, that represents a flaw in an idea I have that just isn’t right or something missing in my life.

The violent words and the tall leader symbolize being inferior, having anger, panic, and trauma in my life, and feeling powerless and overwhelmed. Also, the huge tank-like vehicle signifies power or things being extremely out of control.

When it comes to the young teenage boy in my dream, it symbolizes protectiveness of risks I might be taking in life (which is minimal actually) or the fear of taking these risks. Also, even though I heard this boy tell me not to let him see me, I still went ahead and moved forward to get a better look. Because of my stupid action in the dream, he continued to chase me outside of the dreams (inside my dream of course). I would say that the boy in this dream stands for the way I use to be, always concerned, worried, not a risk-taker, etc but I feel that deep inside, I want a change where I take more risks in life to better myself. In a way, this dream helped me realize this.

In Conclusion, Explaining Confusion

So this dream pretty much means that there is a lot of chaos, flaws in my ideas, protecting my identity, feeling powerless, being extremely out of control, and ultimately realizing that the fear chasing me shall not chase me no more.

I am thinking this dream may have occurred while searching for a job or during the time my grandmother passed away. That is the only explanation that I can give at this moment. I have noticed, previously, I have always been a worrier when it came to my serving job, constantly concerned with my performance and getting down on myself when I did make mistakes.

Also, I know my diet hasn't always been the best being very inconsistant going from healthy streaks to high fat-stricken lows. It is truly amazing how much your daily stress levels, anxieties and diet can influence your dreams. I just love remembering the dreams just enough to tell people about them.

Next Week on Four Snore...

Zombies. Wooden water towers.

Yes, apparently out of an act of survival and thriftyness, I built a wooden water tower in my dream. Halarious.
Yes, apparently out of an act of survival and thriftyness, I built a wooden water tower in my dream. Halarious. | Source

Build Your Own Water Tower When The Zombies Come!


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