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Episode 2, I Have a Zombie Friend Named Brain and He Just Wants to Eat My Brians

Updated on August 31, 2011
Awesome. | Source

Four Snore and a Couple Nights Ago, Episode 2

Well, welcome to episode 2 of my weekly feature, Four Snore and a Couple Nights Ago. Just like the formula to last week’s article, I will first describe my dream, describe its meaning using my own analysis instead of using a dream dictionary website this time, and mention what it has to do with what is currently going on in my life. Instead of being about one dream, this week will include all zombie dreams I have had together in some chronological order. Dream one through three happened, in order, during one single night. The fourth dream is independent of the rest and is more recent. Now get ready for a flesh-eating good time!

I am not a fan of running zombies, but, it does make them quite a bit scarier.
I am not a fan of running zombies, but, it does make them quite a bit scarier. | Source

The Lore of Snore

My first dream occurs in the house I grew up in the small town of North Lewisburg, Ohio. Within my dream, we have learned a day or so ago that the zombie "phenomenon" was now happening. When I say we, apparently I meant me because anytime I mentioned a zombie, no one knew what I was talking about.

Anyway, back to the dream: It was night time and I knew this because I could see darkness behind the pulled curtains in our dining room. It seemed that we had a few friends over (can’t remember exactly who was there) and I remember that people were talking at a loud volume with all the lights on. I was truly concerned about how loud they were and tried to tell them to quiet down and turn off the lights. Then, we heard scratching and two zombies (I will call them Zs from here on out) were outside our dining room window. I remember peoples' lack of concern and I remember that the Zs outside were slow and pretty harmless at the time.

Another dream I had was in that same small town that I grew up in except that the Zs were chasing a group of people I knew including myself. I was running down my road in front of the house, away from the house, at night. I remember one Z chasing someone I knew beside us but in order to save the group, he split off and ran toward our garage on the side of my house hoping the Zs would follow him. Unfortunately, most of the Zs stayed with us until we lost them down a little farther, at the end of the road. The Zs in these dreams are like those runners, they did not seem dumb or slow at all.

My third dream is where I was walking out the front door of that same hometown house and I was extremely cautious. I remember the zombies from my previous dreams and kept a keen eye out for them. It was clear of Zs outside but I felt as if there should be Zs everywhere. I just remembered how silent it was. I heard no human voices, cars, airplanes flying overhead; I heard absolutely nothing.

I looked toward my neighbor’s house to my left and saw a woman smiling while putting her infant in a car seat in their car that was parked in their driveway. I then saw, in the foreground, a very pale child lumbering toward them on the sidewalk in front of our house moving away from me. For some reason, I ignored that dead walking child. As if, it was no concern to me, it was the woman's, and subsequently, the infant's problem. It seemed very bright outside, almost too bright and positive as if I felt like the invasion of the dead was almost over. I remember not smelling the dead and it had a warm bright orange hue to the world. I walked around the east side of the house toward the garage to the back yard. I saw a makeshift, wooden, miniature, 20 foot tall water tower behind our house. Apparently, I thought I would be quite efficient. I must have had that ordered or built it myself. 

Suddenly, I heard LOUD music coming from the garage. Apparently I knew the person in there and I told them to turn it down, are they crazy? They ignored my plea for silence as I was afraid that if there were any zombies left in the world, we would somehow draw all of them to the garage. They just turned up the rock music which may or may not have been 90s rock. So, I told them that if they didn't turn it down, I would break their radio/boom box. They still didn't care so I ripped the antenna off of it. Now, there was just loud static. That static was unbelievably loud. The static just got louder and louder and then I turned around and... NO!!!! Just kidding. Nothing after that, I just woke up.

The wooden water tower alone had to be one of the most ridiculous, hilarious things that have ever appeared in any of my dreams. I can only imagine the phone call I made to order the tower. It would go something like this:

“Good morning, thanks for calling Elite Structures, how can I help you?”
“I was wondering if you carry wooden water towers.”
“Uh, hmm. Uh, no, sorry. We do custom builds, what would you need it for?”
“Well, in my town, there is a zombie invasion going on so I figured, why not stock up, play it safe, you know?”
“Wow.” Click. They hang up on me. It was a simple and predictable conversation really. So I built one myself.

Finally, my last dream involved at least one person I know. The setting was my grandmother’s house on the second floor of her three story house in Wooster, Ohio. I have some dreams about her house before because I have fantastically wonderful memories of my grandmother’s life and home.

I remember slowly walking down the halls on the second floor of my grandmother’s house and checking every room for Zs. In one of the rooms, I saw a young couple dressed in Victorian clothing staring back at me, completely in black-and-white. I asked them if they are infected and coldly said no. For some reason, I did not trust this couple. I have some feeling in this matter that they are hiding their zombification from me. As for this dream versus every other dream that I have, this dream was solely in black-and-white. Very unusual.

Moving on to the next room, I see that my friend from Montana is in there but her face is quite pale and grey. She has turned into a zombie and is coming for me. She opens her mouth, ready to bite when I place my hand on her forehead trying to stop her. She is trying to bite my arm now and her neck muscles are extremely strong. I just remember trying to fight her off with my bare hands. At this time, I am extremely confused why she was being so aggressive (she would appreciate my use of the word aggressive here, as it can apply to many things and these things just come full circle). The dream then ended and I was stuck trying to figure out what in the world that dream just meant.

They are innocent until they taste flesh! For some reason, children zombies are the worst. It is easy to shoot a fat zombie in the face but could you do it to a child? You better hope so.
They are innocent until they taste flesh! For some reason, children zombies are the worst. It is easy to shoot a fat zombie in the face but could you do it to a child? You better hope so. | Source

UnSNOREgettable Moments

What bothered me the most was the fact that it seemed like the third dream I was far into the future (after Z-day started) and I was just then coming out of the house for the first time. I was also bothered by the fact that it was SO quiet, nearly silent, as if there were no airplanes, cars, animals, people, etc and the fact that I didn't care that the woman and child were being approached by a rogue dead 7-year old girl.

Also, what is with that wooden water tower, really? I find it was quite interesting the fact that I was able to find the space and time to throw together a contraption like this. I have a fantastic feeling that if the zombie invasion would ever come, I would be well informed and well prepared.

What the Bleep Sleep?

Starting from the first dream, I feel a loss of control. The friends around me seem to not care and I am begging them to believe me. This may have to do with how some of my friends act normally where they would absolutely love and support me but when I do say something stupid, they never let it down or leave it alone. This dream could be me venting out of frustration with a feeling that nothing that I do or say is ever right. The situation in this dream could mean the feeling of powerlessness, loss of personal power, or the fear of losing control of any situation in my life. I have had dreams of driving a car with terrible brakes so I can see why I consistently dream of situations like these.

As for the second dream, I found this one very interesting. While running from the Zs, I vaguely remember the person that sacrificed themselves to save the group. Could that mean something? I remember feeling bad and appreciative but their face was blank. That could mean that in my life, sure I am loving and appreciative of the things that my friends and family do for me but I do not show the emotions straight to those that make a difference in my life. The dreams that zombies are chasing me could mean that I feel or fear that someone is threatening me in my real life—emotionally, physically, or mentally. Having this dream well over three years ago, I cannot remember a threatening person in my life at the time.

The third dream was my favorite so far of the four. I found the silence, warm sunlight, the wooden water tower, and the static on the radio quite interesting. The silence obviously means peacefulness and in the dream, that is exactly how I felt except my insecurities about the danger of the zombies. The warm weather or feeling warm can represent a secure and safe feeling. It can also represent comfort or good times. Also, a sunny day can represent a carefree mood or more importantly and accurately so, a positive outlook. It is quite interesting because I had the first and second dream on the same night before the third dream. It doesn’t make sense for me to feel this way at all, frantic running and insecurities to feeling safe. When it applies to my life, it truly proves nothing.

When it comes to the wood from the tower, it could also stand for something being fake or false. I can see this interpretation and it totally makes sense. When it comes to finding jobs or any other similar endeavour, I tend to put all my eggs in one basket. The water tower is that security blanket always near me that can bail me out when times get rough whether it is my parents or friends helping me, it is always there. In a way, that water tower represents something that is there for support but if I don’t do things on my own, it will eventually empty and rot.

As for the last dream, I noticed that there was a lack of trust. I am not sure why because I trust all my friends, including the friends I visited from Montana. This dream I have had trouble figuring out but I think it finally soaked in. It could be possible that the lack of trust is derived from my co-workers from my serving job. From my view, they are black-and-white and I see them as who they are. I feel that they are ultra nice to me because I am nice but if I ever left my serving job, they say they would be sad but would expect only me to contact them afterwards to visit or hang out (this happened with my last job, only I have made efforts to visit old friends but they have not, even though we all hung out together, to come see me at my job). In my eyes, this lack of character is why everyone is in black-and-white.

In Conclusion, Explaining Confusion

Like I have stated from the beginning, from here on out, I am not going to reference anymore. Throughout this entire article, I have shied away from the dream dictionary website and came up with even more eye opening conclusions than before on my own. According to me, I feel the dreams I have had show my internal aggression, lack of trust and fear in my loss of control. Upon facing these internal issues, I am now able to tackle them head-on and try my hardest to figure out what I can do to become a better person than I am now.

Angels flying and fighting in the distance. Worms the size of a school bus. Wow. What an amazing and unforgettable dream I had. Check it out next week.
Angels flying and fighting in the distance. Worms the size of a school bus. Wow. What an amazing and unforgettable dream I had. Check it out next week. | Source
If I saw this... I would... poop.
If I saw this... I would... poop. | Source

Next Week on Four Snore...

Gigantic, weird beasts. Worms the size of school buses. Worms literally crashing into said buses. Angels fighting huge monsters as tall as skyscrapers. Telling my brother to find a weapon because "we're probably going to fight some wolves." Epicness abound.


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