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Four Steps To Quitting Smoking For Good

Updated on March 15, 2012

How to quit smoking does not have to be a mystery. Many people who have started this habit has been extremely successful in kicking the habit. The nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive. This causes the body to become dependent on the nicotine. Along with nicotine people have developed habits that revolve around smoking. So, it is not just the nicotine it’s the routines and triggers that need to be changed.

How to Quit Smoking: Tips for Quitting

When you are determined to quit you have already knocked out about 90% of the requirements, to quit, smoking. The determination is the hardest part. Then you have to be smart about how you quit and know what triggers to reflect from to help stop them from happening. This is the last 10 percent of the smoking habit. If, you quit intelligently and know where your triggers are then you will be completely successful in avoiding them and will not have the temptations to smoke again. The last part is the highest because it will take 100 percent of your will power to say NO!

How to Quit Smoking: Step 1

One of the best ways to stop smoking is to select a specific day to stop. Most people will select a day within 2 weeks. This allows you, and your body to adjust over the 2 weeks with receiving less and less nicotine. The more you can do to prepare for your quit day the better. One less cigarette a day can make the difference. Skip that last break and last cigarette. Make a point not to smoke in your car any longer. Use the triggers that you know of and do your best to avoid them.

How to Quit Smoking: Step 2

Many people have already tried quitting cold turkey. If, it was going to work for them then they would not still be smoking. So, there are stop smoking programs that you can use in assisting you with the process of not smoking. The products will help you get rid of all the different physical symptoms of quitting let you work on the mental portion of quitting smoking.

How to Quit Smoking: Step 3

Quit. It's as simple as that, and yet that is the hardest part. You need to make the decision to never pick up another cigarette every again. Never buy another pack, never buy another lighter, and never buy another ashtray. Do some research about the symptoms that you are going to experience and have ways to deal with them as soon as they appear. This will help you deal with the initial onset of the nicotine withdrawals for you to conquer

How to Quit Smoking: Step 4

Trying to quit on your own is a hard experience. One way that you can help yourself is to try and find like minded people that are doing the same thing. Having a small support group of like minded individuals at work, chat rooms, websites, and other places will help you be held accountable for that information. This helps your resolve and will power never to smoke again.


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