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Fracking or Gambling, Roll the Dice to Reduce Your Property Taxes

Updated on January 12, 2013

Is it Mulvane, Rohnert Park or Snake Eyes

Property taxes are generally an unavoidable part of living the good life in Mulvane as well as in any other of America's bucolic small towns. With the emergence of the phenomenon of Indian casinos going up in many otherwise sleepy bergs, that aforementioned tax burden is being eased in those communities.

Thanks to the beneficent revenue sharing deal worked out by Mulvane, the wealth of funds coming in to the city coffers has prompted the city administrator to propose a tax cut for local property owners.

It is ironic that in the former Wild West it is no longer the cavalry that is called to come to the rescue of endangered settlers, but the Indians. Indian casinos are being erected with the seeming frequency of the big box chains and fast food franchises.

One community, Rohnert Park, in Northern California, is not going quietly into the night of becoming a casino town. Die hard casino protesters there have exhausted about every argument in the book. A huge casino will be built there too.

Revenue will flow into their depleted city treasury also. So why are so many in Rohnert Park not happy about the funds that will deluge 'The Friendly City'? Because they maintain that for all of the money that Rohnert Park will receive from its share in the casino's bounty, and equal or greater amount will be taken.

That amount, they say, will come in the form of city services required to police the casino and its clientele. The increased rate of water usage increases in drunk driving and its many consequences, plus the huge increase of traffic.

Those in Mulvane appear to have largely escaped from these little peccadillos. Let’s face it, the Indians have historically received a raw deal. It might have been nice if they had dreamed up a more socially uplifting way to earn zillions of dollars. But they have chosen to build casinos and rake in the doe. Most probably would also choose the way to easy riches over what, being stuck on a reservation with otherwise limited prospects at best?

The casino has been the cavalry for many economically afflicted American communities. It is sometimes that choice between sinking and swimming. It is of course unfortunate that one community's salvation becomes another's destruction.

Positive, sustainable change is often just a buzz word. Fracking or gambling? Take your pick and roll the dice.


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