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Uses for Fragrance Oil or Essential Oils

Updated on June 14, 2014

Aromatherapy is not only concerned with massaging, but also it has various uses with its essential sweet smelling fragrance oil, which is obtained from parts of plants. This oil is mixed with scents to give so many amazing and useful results.

lavender essential oil
lavender essential oil

Mental Stress and Tension

Aromatherapy done using these fragrant oils as a natural therapy helps us to get over tension. Massaging the body gently with this oil relaxes our muscles and adds vigor and color to our life. This is a good cure for headaches and migraines which are mostly caused by stress. Fragrance oils can be put to use by scented candles or an oil diffuser and to enjoy the sweet smell. Various ingredients like chamomile, lemongrass, basil, peppermint and eucalyptus are used to make this essential oil that serves as a good treatment for headaches and mental stress.

Cosmetic Usage

Fragrance oils can be used to apply all types of hairs whether it is dry, oily or brittle. It is also used to treat some skin diseases, dandruff, cellulite, formation of bags under eyes and varicose veins. Oils from chamomile, grapeseed, rosemary and lavender are used for cosmetic purpose.


Aromatherapy also includes the usage of fragrance oils as bath oils and to add as a fabric conditioner to give sweet smell to the clothes when washing in the washing machines. As there are no chemical substances in these essential oils these are also used in the place of scents.

Exercise and Meditation

Essential sweet smelling oils are also used in meditation and exercise. A bowl of boiling water with a little addition of these oils is usually kept near the place where, Yoga and pilates are practiced. After vigorous exercises, these oils are used to massage gently before taking a bath. People who are suffering from aches or pains usually take Epsom salts in their bath. These Epsom salts are usually made of the fragrance oils.

Injury and Pains

If your muscles get injured or if you are suffering from arthritis, tennis elbow, aches, pains or cramps, massage oils may be used to soothe the effect. Wheat germ, camphor of borneol, soya, Roman chamomile and lemon are the ingredients used in the essential oils that are used to cure injuries.

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      Deborah Ward 6 years ago

      Great article on essential oils and fragrance oils!