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Free DNA Testing Programs

Updated on April 10, 2011

DNA test is usually conducted by the researchers to make the distinction between man and woman.

The DNA test must be performed competently and carefully so that there will be no scope of making the false detection.

There are many companies and laboratories in the USA and these companies offer excellent DNA tests free of cost. Free DNA testing will help the persons to know many untold stories regarding the human genealogy.

Free DNA Testing - Know about Your Genealogy

Alec Jeffreys, the professor in Leicester University in the USA launched this DNA test in 1985. He discovered the sophisticated process to highlight the difference between two different human beings. He told the reporters that microsatellites are responsible to prominently distinguish a particular man from the other. Through the utilization of PCR, Jeffreys was able to surface or detect such microsatellites which are basically located in different loci.

After vast experiments and clinical tests, the scientists have legally started this free DNA testing process. They also offer the ultramodern DNA testing accessory kit which is efficient and workable for the detection of such distinction. The companies will provide the reports of the DNA tests and these companies have the legal authorization from the state governments. In this connection, you should read the information booklets to know about the exact state law regarding free DNA testing process.

Many experts and scientists have flashed their views and personal feedbacks in the online sites regarding the free DNA testing. You should go through these reviews online and try to understand more clearly about the free DNA testing. The testing procedure is simple without havoc expenditure. You need to take buccal/cheek swab or medicated chewing gum/mouth wash for DNA testing methods. You will get more information about genealogy perfectly. This free DNA testing will not surface any disease or physical disorder. Free DNA tests have now become common and usual in European countries.


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