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Free Psoriasis Remedy

Updated on March 4, 2016
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Jeff Watters is a business consultant & freelance author who lives in Havre de Grace, MD, former manager of Mattress stores & AWAI member.

How to Treat Psoriasis the Natural Way

What you need to do is treat the conditions that caused the Psoriasis and remove the cause by treating the root of the condition.

I have Psoriasis and have treated it with the information I am about to share with you. This treatment works if you allow it to work, but it is in no way a suggestion for you to give up your doctor, just yet.

For legal reasons, I ask you to continue to see your doctor and discuss the treatment program outlined here.


At the age of 47, I developed those red spots people with Psoriasis know all too well. I went to a dermatologist in my hometown of Dover, Delaware, who prescribed Prednisone, a corticosteroid. When that treatment failed, I was asked to repeat the process, and my Psoriasis worsened. The doctor’s original diagnosis was dermatitis but was wrong. It was only later when another doctor ordered a biopsy that Psoriasis was correctly identified and, therefore, treatable through modern chemistry.

I took the medication and my Psoriasis cleared up at first. Then all hell broke lose and almost my entire body was covered from chest to feet. I then saw more dermatologists and then still others. It was one of those dermatologists that said something that made me consider alternative cures. What she said was to be careful about what I put on my skin, including fabric softener. This suggestion made me think that Psoriasis was an allergic reaction.

The Treatment

I am not going to waste your time with all I tried that did not work; let me get straight to the point. After reading several books that dealt with Psoriasis, I found a way to clearer skin in about three months. The red marks are where the lesions, marks of trauma, that remain and appear at that point of Psoriasis sore. These slowly shrunk into nothingness later with the treatment I am sharing with you here. The procedure is simple, so simple I cannot believe it is not widely known and used everywhere with the aid of the medicines that are available on the market. I think if you do this and use the medications prescribed you will remove the cause of your Psoriasis quickly.

First you must eliminate the cause of your Psoriasis. Regardless of what anyone tells you, it is coming from what you ingest. Let me repeat that, “it is coming from what you ingest.” I hope you understand that and will take it on faith for now as what I am about to tell you will help you clear your skin.

Foods to Eliminate

You must stop eating red meat, except for lamb. This dietary change was the hardest for me, so I am making it the first mentioned. Why? Red meat takes a long time to digest and eliminated from the body. Most meat is factory farmed for harvest and, therefore, may contain processed chemicals fed to the cattle. Regardless, the first step in clearing your Psoriasis is to stop all red meat, except lamb, from entering your body. If you cannot do that stop reading now. You will not find the rest of this article helpful if you are going to put red meat into your body, so don’t waste your time reading on.

Oh, by the way, I love red meat and although not easy at first it becomes easy to avoid red meat. Think of it in this way, “let medicine be your food and food be your medicine.”
The second most helpful tip is to stop consuming gluten. Gluten is a protein found in types of grains. A benefit from a gluten free diet is that your energy is increased. Gluten is a by-product of flour products, mostly bread, but some types of bread are acceptable in limited amounts. Those include sprouted bread, Ezekiel Bread and bread sold as gluten free. So you will still be able to enjoy a sandwich every once in a while although pizza is out of the question unless it is gluten-free.

Next to eliminate are the nightshade vegetables. These include tomatoes, bell peppers, paprika, and tobacco. There may be others so be careful about what you eat. The reason to eliminate these veggies is for some reason they aggravate the body by some means. I don’t understand why but it was by removing these from my diet that showed the first signs of improvement. I would buy tomato juice by the case before I learned of this and when I eliminated tomatoes from my diet my skin began to clear.

Finally, as far as diet eliminations go, get whole ingredients, spinach, kale, whole chickens that are range free and as natural as you can buy. You can eat fish if you like or other meats in limited quantities but don’t eat too much meat. The object is to allow your waste to clear your system and be as organic and healthy as you can be.


With the basic outline above I also added the Nutribullet to my kitchen counter. It stays plugged in, and I cannot imagine life without it now. I use it to make green smoothies every day.

Here is my recipe and it is delicious.

Organic Greens of any kind (one handful)

Almond milk

Protein Powder (no whey, use only plant based)

Flax Seeds or Hemp Seeds

Mixed Fruit

Sweetener (Stevia for me but I know some people like Truvia or similar products)

Blend and taste, sweeten to taste, remix with spring water if too thick.I do this once or twice a day. When I noticed I was losing weight with this process, I did it three times a day, but only once of twice now. I lost 45 pounds in three months using the above concoction.

I also use my electric skillet to roast chicken. I can live off of one or two chickens a week. Once the chicken is cooked, I add my veggies right in the pot and serve with brown rice. Chicken is my meat of choice, but I also cook lamb with garlic and ginger every once in a while to break up the monotony of a single meat protein. Varying your diet will not harm you as long as you don’t forget to stay off of the forbidden list.

Dairy is not good for you if you have this disease. I love cream in my coffee and have added one cup of coffee back into my diet because I love it so much. Now coffee is an alkaline food, and you should avoid alkaline foods on this diet until you clear your skin. I have clear skin now and take a small amount to satisfy my need for coffee. Otherwise, both you and I should avoid alkaline foods.

You should take a multi-vitamin every day. To that add the following, one each evening of Primrose Oil capsule followed by one Slippery Elm Bark capsule and hour or two later. It is also important to add fish oil to your diet, which is available in capsules and consumed in the mornings.

You must clear your colon of any and all blockage if you want this to work for you. I used Prima Cleanse, by Yerba Prima, Inc., to do this. I know some people recommend going for a colon cleanse and enemas, but I am not a fan of having something inserted in my backside. It is vital that you clear your colon from all human waste so the walls and cells of the body may heal and stop toxins from entering your body.

I have read that Psoriasis is caused by leaking gut syndrome and asked my doctor if it were true. I showed the doctor (still yet another doctor) if this was true and he said that he had no objection to me doing these things, but he did not believe it. He was wrong, and I was right to try. My Psoriasis is entirely clear now.


I share this with you because I want you to be well. Follow the above and it is no risk to you, but follow the complete structure or it may not work for you. You may make alterations to your diet after your Psoriasis clears. Add something back, wait and see. If your Psoriasis starts to come back, you will know for sure it is a contributor to the condition. Also, go over your plan with your doctor or dermatologist. Make sure you are not risking your health. Do not stop taking your medications unless your doctor tells you to do so. And for gods’ sake don’t sue me for trying to help you.

P.S.: Send me a note if you have any questions or comment on this Article.

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