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Free Success

Updated on September 3, 2015
Izaak Zink profile image

Izaak is a doctor of chiropractic student taking a break from his studies after over eight years (includes undergrad) of pursuing this goal.

During our lifetime, the majority of us have gone to school. A lot of us did this for years at a time with a break for the summer! Year-round school for some gave with no or shorter breaks! In time, life starts is all about school. From high school to the undergraduate experience, we all push through. Some of us have a goal and strong resolve and apply for graduate school. Once in grad school, we discover that it is really just more school! Lots more information than ever before--but in the long run--more perceived benefit.

What about our life though? That is to say, who learns to skillfully live life itself? Are happiness and prosperity even possible in what I call “Life School”? I think 'yes'. In a 1963, John F. Kennedy said in a speech “A rising tide lifts all boats”. The quote that captures my imagination. The the big idea that is with big improvement comes positive changes in all smaller parts. Kennedy meant positive economic improvements cause improvements for all participants in the economy. Let me take it to the level of the individual.

What is big improvement for an individual? Some rather common ideas come to mind, but it depends on the individual. For example, reducing body fat is has with numerous health benefits. Physical activity burns calories, which leads to burning fat (as long as you burn more than you take in!). Each individual has his or her own specific challenges. Some challenges can seem like obstacles, preventing us from reaching our goals. Just remember that obstacles equal opportunities!

“How much money is enough money?” asked a speaker in a stock market investment seminar my dad took my brother and I to when I was a teenager. The intently focused crowd of mostly men paused to contemplate. Then, giving away the answer, they said, “More!” Although money and happiness are not the same thing they have commonalities. Can one have too much happiness? You can answer that for yourself.

Can a person always have more happiness?

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Are a lot of little things necessary to see a big change? Not necessarily. Take the notes on Amy Cuddy’s Ted talk “Your body language shapes who you are”. You will learn that simply standing in a powerful posture has a number of benefits.


All the things that matter: happiness, health, financial security, relationships are what Life School is about. The good news is that these things are all connected! Making an improvement in one area has benefits for all the others. Take stock of your life for a minute. We often focus too much time and attention on everything we have to get done–our “to do” list. Feeling overwhelmed is pretty common and too much stress for too long doesn't help matters! Take a pause right now. Empty your hands, sit up, close your eyes, slowly inhale deeply, hold it a few seconds, then exhale slowly.

Do you feel better? I sure do. Thank you for coming to class! I’m so glad you made it. Remember Life School is what you make of it. This is great news! You can free success and begin seeing results right away. Come back soon and we’ll learn some more together!


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