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Freedom Alert Medical Alert Pendant - New DECT Model

Updated on January 6, 2011

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The Newest version of the Freedom Alert Medical Alert System available. Now with DECT technology. What is DECT?   Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications is a digital wireless communication technology that operates at 1.9 GHz. It has now become a global standard in cordless telecommunications. In general and all other technology components being equal, the lower the frequency, the longer the physical range you'll get with your cordless communications. DECT 6.0 technology is the best in today's cordless phone market. DECT technology is designed and dedicated to cordless communication in residential, commercial and public environments, so you're unlikely to be interfering with other home electronics. Besides premium voice quality and extended range, DECT technology is inherently more efficient withbattery life. This means that your batteries will last much longer with a DECT product than other technologies.   Don't be confused with Freedom Alert systems on the market. Older versions of the Freedom Alert have an antenna on the base unit. The NEW DECT version doesn't need an antenna because the technology is so powerful. Make sure you purchase the NEW DECT version of the Freedom Alert.  

What are the NEW features of the Freedom Alert II with DECT that you won't find on previous models?

  - Superior Voice Quality - Greater Range - Stronger Signal Ability to Penetrate Walls and Floors - Longer Battery Life - Optional Remote Wall Mount Communicator Compatibility - Automatic Pendant Battery Low, Near Empty and Empty Notification - Ability to Turn Off 'Press 5 To Continue' Prompt - Ability to Change 911 Emergency Number to Another Number (Useful when 911 is not the standard emergency number) - Audio Notification If Pendant Signal Strength is Less than 80% Power when in use

Video of New Freedom Alert and New Wall Communicator


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    • profile image

      Sandy 7 years ago

      Crystal, I understand what you are saying. Just in case you were not aware the system listed here has NO monthly fees so that sort of changes the whole aspect of cost. The system is excellent, especially the pendant that you can Talk through. No other system has that feature.

    • profile image

      kyla 7 years ago

      good info