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Freestyle Swimming Tips

Updated on May 11, 2016

Freestyle Swimming Tips - 5 Tips to Faster and Easier Freestyle

Freestyle is the most common swimming stroke. It is the easiest to learn but very difficult to master. Swimming efficiently and easily is sometimes difficult for non-swimmers or new swimmers to master. Sometimes It's not how fast you move your arms and legs but your technique that will determine how fast and easily you can swim.

Here are 5 tips for Faster Freestyle.

Five Freestyle Tips

  1. Streamline off the wall - when you push off the wall, tuck your chin to your chest, put your hands over your ears, and overlap you hands on top of each other. Take a deep breath, push off in a streamlines positions and either flutter kick or dolphin kick off the wall until you come up for a breath. Shoot for 3 to 4 dolphin kicks off the wall. The farther you get off the walls the less swimming you'll have to do to reach the far end of the pool!
  2. Tuck your chin - this one takes a little courage to not look where you are going, but it will give you immediate benefits. If you lift your head, just like a teeter-totter, the back half of your body (hips and feet) will sink. This will cause drag and make it harder to swim. Practice looking at the bottom of the pool and not ahead and your hips will come up. This will enable you to swim on the top of the water instead of through the water thus reducing drag.
  3. Point your fingers at the bottom of the pool - as soon as your hand enters the water at the front of your stroke, bend your wrist to catch the water and point your fingers at the bottom of the pool. Doing this will angle your palm away from the direction you are travelling and help you exert the most pressure on the water in the direction you want to go. Pointing your fingers at the bottom of the pool by bending your wrist enables an effective catch.
  4. Roll your hips - freestyle, contrary to popular belief, is not swam on your stomach. It is swum on your sides so you can knife through the water. Roll your hips (and upper body) from side to side as you stretch your hand out in front of you. A Pull Buoy is a very effective training tool for practicing rolling your hips from side to side.
  5. Keep your stroke long - when you roll your hips, you can reach out that much farther before you place your hand in the water. As well, make sure to pull your hand past your waist before starting your recovery.
  6. Bonus Tip - Point your toes! - Keep your kick long by bending your ankles and pointing your toes out behind you. Start the kick from your glutes and keep your knees primarily straight. The kick should be the entire leg and not just the lower half below the knee.

Hope these tips will help you swim a more efficient and faster freestyle!

Roll Your Hips!


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