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The Freezie Wrap®

Updated on November 1, 2012

What is a Freezie Wrap used for?

It's truly amazing what our bodies are capable of. We think about walking, running, bending or jumping, and our bodies respond by moving exactly as we wish. Of course any type of movement requires healthy muscles, tendons, soft tissue and joints. Without this healthy tissue our bodies are unable to keep up with everything that we want to do.

But our bodies are also pretty smart and know exactly what needs to be done to maintain healthy soft tissue. After an acute injury or once we experience fresh pain from a chronic injury, our body signals to us that something has gone wrong - that our tissue cells are damaged or worse.

Once this signal is sent, our body responds by automatically flushing the injured area with extra blood flow.

Why blood flow? It's a major mechanism in our bodies that transports all of the good things into our tissues while taking away anything that is bad.

While this extra blood flow is being sent, our bodies enter the "Inflammatory Response" phase. This means that our body's goal is to isolate our injured tissue, assess the damage, and start repair work on the cells that can be saved.

To effectively deliver nutrients, oxygen and antibodies directly to our damaged tissue, our blood vessels holding the blood flow turn their walled-in structure to a sponge-like material. This sponge effect allows plasma (liquid in our blood flow) to leak into the injured area for an immediate response to our tissue tear - kind of like our body's own ambulance responding to the trauma.

The extra blood flow that has been sent to our injured area and the fluid that has leaked into our damaged tissue present some of the tell-tale signs of swelling and inflammation. The symptoms that we feel - swelling, redness (rubor), heat (calor), pain (dolor) and loss of function - are signs that our Inflammatory Response is at work and deep tissue healing has started.

Even though the Inflammatory Response is an important part of our overall healing, too much inflammation can cause more harm than good.

As fluid continues to leak into our tissue, this extra fluid expands the damaged tissue until it eventually pinches our blood vessel, blocking our blood flow. When this blood flow is blocked, our delivery system of oxygen, nutrients and antibodies to damaged tissue and surrounding healthy tissue has stopped working. This means that our damaged tissue can't get anymore tools that it needs to heal, and our healthy tissue is being starved from what it needs to maintain good health.

So how do we unblock our blood vessels? ...And how do we control our swelling and inflammation? This is where the Freezie Wrap® comes in, providing cold compression therapy (with ColdCure® technology) that reduces pain and swelling to control our inflammation and set our deep tissue healing back on track.

How can the Freezie Wrap help me?

... And what is the difference between ColdCure Technology and RICE?

RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) has been used for centuries by doctors, trainers, physical therapists, and medical professionals as a natural pain reliever to decrease swelling and inflammation. Cold therapy slows down the inflammatory process, reducing swelling while numbing the nerve-endings around the damaged tissue to control pain.

The truth is that RICE isn't the best source of treatment for these symptoms, because ice and freezer gel packs are much too cold for effective therapy. These methods of cold therapy reach temperatures below freezing that can cause cryoburn, an ice burn to the skin. Even though RICE is an age-old method, treatment with ice is potentially dangerous.

Treatment with icy cold temperatures feels uncomfortable against your tender and painful injury - and this is why RICE is wrong. You need consistent cold that gets rid of your pain and inflammation without harming your skin. The new recommended cold therapy treatment, RCCE, which stands for Rest, COLD, Compression and Elevation, is your solution to the potentially dangerous RICE method.

Providing fast acting, long lasting cooling therapy without the risk of cold burns (cryoburn) is the heart of ColdCure® technology

What is the difference between a Freezie Wrap and other cold therapies?

Most cold therapies you may have tried, such as freezer packs, ice, and frozen peas, reach temperatures below freezing that can damage the skin. Ice pack "burns" are so frequent and damaging that there are law firms who specialize in ice pack injury cases.

So what is the difference between these damaging ice packs and the Freezie Wrap®?

During treatment with a Freezie Wrap® you are completely safe and get all the relief from pain and swelling that you so desperately need. Freezie Wraps® are uniquely made so that you can get the best cold therapy without the risk of cryoburn.

Here are some key advantages of treatment with ColdCure® technology:

  1. Freezie Wraps® use a special non-migrating gel that is soft to the touch but doesn't flow under pressure. It's not a solid and it's not a liquid either - it's somewhere in between. This means that the gel stays in place over the area you are treating when pressure is applied and does not flow away to other parts of the wrap. This is very important because you want to place pressure on your injury but you also want the cold to stay there too.

  2. Nearly all cold wraps you will find on the market fall short and don't have enough gel inside to cushion your injury. The truth is that there are a lot of poorly made cold wraps out there. Good quality gel is heavy, a lot of gel is much more expensive to make - and it isn't cheap to ship either. This is why most companies make cold wraps that are pretty with just a little bit of gel... but they don't give you the treatment you need. The Freezie Wrap® doesn't skimp on the gel, and instead packs massive amounts of the special gel formula in each wrap so you get the long-lasting cold that you need.

  3. Freezie Wrap® gel packs are designed to cool in the fridge instead of the freezer, because starting out your treatment at a temperature that is too cold for your body is not effective. A gel pack charged in the fridge gives you incredible cooling power for a long period of time that is not damaging and painful to your skin. This is why Freezie Wraps® stay cold for a much longer period of time than freezer packs, and you can apply these cold compression wraps to your injury for up to 20 minutes at a time. That's 3 times longer than the recommended freezer pack solution!

The results speak for themselves... you get better pain relief and more control over your inflammation; which adds up to your injury healing much faster.

Insulating, Breathable, Plush Neoprene Wrap

Freezie Wraps® are cut and sewn specifically to fit each part of the body with casing made of soft, flexible, textured neoprene that conforms to the shape of the body.

The inside of the wrap has a breathable, mesh lining that prevents sweating. With the addition of broad, adjustable neoprene bands and Velcro closures the Freezie Wrap ® provides a snug, comfortable fit. This snug fit provides firm compression to prevent swelling and pooling of fluids in the injured area.

Massive Amounts of Non-Migrating Gel

With ergonomics in mind, each Freezie Wrap® gel pack is engineered to fit comfortably around the body where treatment is applied. The gel pack is not square, it is specially shaped to flex around joints and parts of the body without bunching or lifting away from the body for complete coverage and effective cooling.

With massive amounts of special non-migrating gel inside, the Freezie Wrap® provides gentle cushioning and ideal compression that can be worn all day to give extra support and stability to your injury.

This special gel formula also holds the cold after charging in the fridge to deliver effective, long-lasting cold therapy. The gel will not freeze solid like other ice packs that must charge in the freezer at below-freezing temperatures.

How does a Freezie Wrap work?

Using a Freezie Wrap® is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Remove the gel pack from the neoprene wrap.

  2. Place the gel pack in the fridge for at least 1 hour before treatment. Freezie Wrap® gel packs can be stored in the fridge at all times.

  3. When you're ready to begin treatment, place the cold gel pack into the Freezie Wrap®.

Not only do professional athletes use ColdCure®, Technology but professional doctors do too! In fact, we have had some great feedback from professional Hollywood stuntmen, Hollywood Workout Instructors, many professional trainers in North America and Europe, long distance Professional runners, and the list just keeps growing from there!

But seriously - don't just take our word for it... check out some of our reviews directly from the people that use them on Amazon!

Where can I get my hands on a Freezie Wrap?

Freezie Wraps® are exclusively offered by MendMeShop through our
online store and on Amazon.

The terms Inferno Wrap®, Freezie Wrap®, and MendMeShop® are registered trademarks of In.Genu Design Group Inc.

The terms BFST®, Energy Web®, and ColdCure® are registered trademarks of King Brand Healthcare Products Ltd.

If you have any questions about the Freezie Wrap® or ColdCure® technology please feel free to comment on our Lens. You can also reach one of our MendMeShop Advisors directly via phone or e-mail at

Please note that comments are directed by e-mail to one of our MendMeShop Advisors. This allows us to receive your comments and respond to your queries as soon as possible. If you do not see your comment as soon as you have posted do not be discouraged, your comment will most likely appear along with our response in due time.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The MendMeShop Advisor Team :)

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