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Frenzy Fasting for Ultra-Fast Fat Loss

Updated on May 24, 2015


If FAT, FAT you AT, there is a crash fasting fast diet that always and only worked for me. But first, check with your health practitioner to make sure your body can sustain the diet. You can always break the fasting days up and do a little at a time (every other day or so).

As mentioned, I lost weight FAST! Fat, included. I fasted for 15 days and lost 30 pounds with the help of two dieting aids: DEXATRIM (Max is recommended) and GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT (NutriBiotic Vegan Capsules, Max strength 250 mg is good) [Products available at Walmart]. You will also need a Potassium Supplement (99 mg) and have Matzos (Manischewitz Brand is good) on hand [Products should be available also at Walmart].

In the morning, I would first take a dexatrim and a grapefruit extract pill. Then I would have 2 cups of light and sweet coffee (use Truvia for sweetness and your favorite flavor of Coffeemate [Walmart]). This helps get your system awake and ready to get going while at the same time, helping your to move your bowels. Morning coffee is followed by up to 3 tall glasses of filtered water. Take your time. No need to rush through the coffee and water.

After I felt the urdge to "go" [move my bowels] and relieved myself, I would take my Potassium Supplement.

Then, all day I would drink high caffeine content diet soda (up to 2 2L bottles per day - I drink Pepsi Max [Walmart]), diet iced tea and water. If I felt too much bubbly from the soda, I would remove the cap and let it go flat prior to drinking. The flat soda is really the best, but occasional bubbly is refreshing, especially with ice on a warm or hot day.

I would try NOT to eat all day. I had to move SLOWLY to avoid passing out from light-headedness as the days passed. So move SLOWLY. AND DO NOT EXERCISE. But on the days when I absolutely could not go another minute or day without food, I would slowly eat 1 matzo (up to 5 in one day). Then get back to the fasting the next day.

Simple as that. Take all your regular medications. Just be careful about light-headedness, especially upon waking in the morning and do not fast for more than 28 consecutive days.

Keep an eye open for my new book "If FAT, FAT You At - Fasting Frenzy for Ultra-Fast Fat Loss," which will be available on Amazon.

Love, Patty Fatty Mar-COW (a//k/a Sunny-Coke-Rat)



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