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From Fertilization To Birth: How A Baby Is Made

Updated on October 4, 2015
How a baby is formed
How a baby is formed

How a Baby is Formed

When we hear of phrases like “I’m pregnant” and “she is pregnant” were are reminded or come to learn that the woman is indeed carrying a baby on her womb. Congratulatory messages arrive from all corners and the soon to be mother is given every reason to smile and be happy in life but do we all know how a baby is made? It's an incredible process.

In other words what are the steps involved in the making of a baby or how is a baby created? Well this hub is all about addressing that question and you better read on if you are in any way interested in knowing all the steps that are passed for a baby to be brought into this world.

From fertilization to birth here below is the process that is involved in making a baby and I hope this guide helps you in understanding how a baby is made.

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Fertilization is no doubt the first step in creating or the development of a baby (or a human). When a man and woman have a sexual intercourse sperm is produced by the man. What happens is that the sperm passes through the woman’s uterus and swims into the fallopian tube where it will finally meet an egg. The sperm and the egg meet and form what we call a zygote (contains a total of 46 chromosomes). The zygote then moves back to the uterus after some days and implants itself there.

Formation of an Embryo

This is the second stage in the development of a baby inside the womb. At this stage of the baby development process cells start to change themselves into organ systems. Over the course of time more organs start to form. Organs like the heart, kidneys and liver start to form and by the end of week 6 the embryo forms into what is called fetus.


This stage is the most stretching of the pregnancy period and leads to birth of the final product (baby). Growth and development of the fetus takes place in this stage and it develops into more of a human. By this time the mother can feel the movement of the fetus. The fetus develops into a baby during the later stages of the pregnancy.


Birth is the final stage of the making of the baby. The baby is born from the vaginal canal and is then introduced into the world. The formation and birth of a child truly is a miraculous and life-changing event.


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