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Being an At Home Yogi

Updated on August 24, 2015

Where to start

Without the guide of a yoga instructor, it can be scary and a bit confusing figuring out where to start with yoga. Don't let this stop you! The internet has never been better, go grab it! The first place to start is right here. Read, read, read! There are so many resources to help you learn what you need to know about each pose. If you think this step can be skipped, you may find yourself getting hurt. On the lighter end of it, you won't be getting all you can out of each pose.

Follow the image source for a little more on yoga mats!
Follow the image source for a little more on yoga mats! | Source

What you'll need

Determination and your body. While you're reading about yoga, you will undoubtedly come across a lot of yoga accessories. These are nice, and can help you a long in your journey, but you don't need them. If you come across a pose that uses a tool, don't think it's out of bounds. every pose has a modified form and many variations, just keep looking. If I had to make a list "must haves" for yoga, the only thing I could put on the list is the right yoga mat. This is where more reading comes in. Find out your needs, and you can find the right mat. For the plus-size yogi, it's recommended to get a thick fluffy yoga mat. As a plus size lady, I can vouch that these are great. However, no matter what size you are, I suggest a fluffy mat.

It's weird, but it matters

When I first started practicing yoga, there are few rules that seemed unimportant and optional. I was very wrong. You've probably heard it before, "don't eat one to two hours before doing yoga". When twisting and bending and focusing on breathing, a full tummy can get uncomfortable and really mess up the flow. You may find that you get a little shaky and feel weak if you wait too long, if you're afraid of this happening it's okay to have a little snack before yoga. The other rule I learned the hard way, is breathing. You should maintain slow, steady breath in every pose. if you can't, modify the pose so that you can. It's the best sign to tell you if you aren't ready for a certain pose.

Be Gentle, Be Patient

Don't just throw yourself into a pose. It takes years of practice to just bend back and drop into a wheel pose. This is the fastest way to get hurt. If it doesn't feel quite right, it probably isn't. When this happens, go back to step one and read some more. My best advice is to pick a pose you want to make a goal. From there, figure out exactly what kind of pose it is. (Backbends, hip openers, etc etc etc.) Then take baby steps in that direction. If you are aiming to do the Lizard, or Pigeon, do more basic hip openers for a while. Take things slow, breath, and be patient with yourself. Trust the process.

Check into a few of these poses perfect for the new Yogi!

Downward Dog


Warrior (one and two)


Happy Baby




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