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The Voice of a Listener: Questions and Answers to the Most Sensitive Topics

Updated on August 7, 2015

I am not a writer.

I don't write. I am going to start this blog warning you that I am a horrible writer (ironic, am I right?). I've done horrible in all my English/Literature/Language Arts/Complete Load of Crap classes since before I can remember. It's not that I don't try as a writer, it simply doesn't work for me.

"If you aren't a good writer, then why are you wasting my time with this blog, Destiny?" I knew you would ask that question, random voice from my head. The truth is even though I am not a phenomenal writer, I am great at helping people. I've experienced a lot of horrible things in my life, things which will probably be another addition to my blog. I used to be so angry with the world, wondering "Why me?" I thought I was cursed for no good reason at all.That was when I realized that I was given a gift. I was strong enough to survive hell, which meant I could help others that are going through the same thing.

My purpose is to serve as a reminder that you can make it. Yes, this blog is probably going to have some pretty sucky writing at times; but if you bear with me for a while, I am sure this blog can and will help people. Whether that be you or someone you know, if this blog can help even one person it will serves it's purpose.

With that disclaimer out of the way,

Here we go.

Q&A: How do I know if I am transgender?

When it comes to gender identity, there is never a clear "test" to identify if you are transgender. If you are transgender, you should be able to feel inside something is not right. See if you can find gender euphoria, the good feelings of happiness and rightness when you are connecting with the correct gender. Practice using different pronouns with close friends and family.

Do you feel like a person living the life of someone else?

Picture becoming transgender. Can you picture yourself being happy that way? It's okay to not have all the answers right now. Sexuality is something that can be explored, which can be fun. I hope this helps.

Quote of the Day: You're Value Doesn't Decrease, Based on Someone's Inability to See Your Worth.

Q&A: I have horrible anxiety and don't know how to control it. Help?

Anxiety is tough. It can make even the simplest situations difficult. What you have to understand that it's not your fault that you have anxiety, so you aren't to blame.

Think of something that makes you happy, or anytime that you smiled.

If you want to take the extra step, write down moments in your life where you had a laugh or were relaxed. When you have anxiety it could help to be able to reflect on these moments. Anxiety is a battle you don't have to fight alone.

Know that you can always message me via 7cupsoftea at:

But also don't be afraid to tell your close friends or family, so you don't have to feel by yourself. Everybody is somebody's everything, always remember that.

© 2015 Destiny Brown

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