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Frostbite first aid & prevention

Updated on September 24, 2011


Sometimes in cold countries, the temperature of the atmosphere falls below 0 degree celius. In such circumstances, the fingers, toes, ears, nose etc. exposed parts of the body become frozen due to very cold temperature outside. The nerve of the frozen part of the body does not work properly. Such condition of the organs is called frostbite.

First aid

1. Tight cloths of the body should be loosened.
2. The affected part of the body should be kept warm.
3. The affected part of the body should be kept covered with warm cloths.
4. Blood circulation should be regulated in the affected part.
5. The patient should be brought to hospital in the worse case.


1. Do not keep your body part exposed to very cold weather.
2. Use shoes and gloves if the weather is very cold.
3. Do not play in show with your bare hands and legs.
4. Use warm cloths in winter season.
5. Do not walk or work outside the room if there is chance of snowfall.
6. Keep your bedroom warm in winter season.


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