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Fruit Infused Healthy Water

Updated on January 21, 2014

Water Benefits

Combats dehydration

Dehydration causes a lot of problems. It interferes with the stomach's signals to the brain confusing the individual on whether or not the human body is actually hungry or thirsty. Most of those signals have to do with thirst and the lack of quenching fluids.

It is easy to combat dehydration either through water, or fruits, that are naturally full of water or high water vegetables. So, there are numerous ways to up your water intake, assist the body in flushing out toxins and contributing to one's optimal health - naturally.

Restores nutrients and fluids that are necessary for good health.

The human body loses lots of water through urination, sweat, tears, etc, so those fluids need to be continually replaced to assist the body's organs in how they function, keeping necessary fluids balanced.

Promotes health

  • skin
  • hair nails
  • brain
  • organs

Water is the only liquid that truly nourishes and refreshes the body, promoting optimal health. We know with out the necessary amount of water or hydration that things dry out. That also occurs with the body, like skin, hair, and nails, but these are the outward signs of the affects of dehydration.

Dehydration causes brittleness or shrinkage which promotes wrinkles and breakage. These are some of the more noticeable damaging affects of the lack of water that we can tell on the outside of the body, so think of the damage to the organs you can't see.

Dehydration or lack of water also aids in the development of wrinkles, the number of wrinkles and the papery appearance of mature skin.

The fountain of youth is water!

Watermelon slices
Watermelon slices | Source

Fruit benefits

Fruits can provide the body with the necessary water it needs.

Although fruits are good they are not without calories and sugars.

Yet they add a variety of nutrients and mineral, with natural sugars and promote a healthy body. So adding them to your diet is always beneficial.

Fruits are used to assist the body in detoxing, flushing out harmful toxins or waste that the body can not use and needs to expel.

What do you think about adding fruit to your water?

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Combination benefits

This is different from using the water from a fruit to hydrate yourself, for example coconut water.

The difference comes when you are adding a fruit to your water, typically sliced or cut up so that it is used to infuse the water with it's goodness..

The benefits of combining fruit with water are bountiful!

Beyond flavor, adding fruit to water aids in the taste helping us to drink more of it. Water is always refreshing yet adding a great fruit like watermelon makes it even more so, especially on a hot day.

Sumo oranges
Sumo oranges | Source


  • Water is necessary for life
  • Fruits promote health
  • Addition of nutrients and minerals
  • Easily digestible with simple sugars
  • Refreshing
  • Inexpensive
  • Manageable


If you are going to use something with a rind or peel it may be a good idea to cut those off, especially if you will be leaving them in the water for more than a few hours.

Citrus peels for instance tend to become bitter, if steeped or left to infuse the water for too long. They are good for a couple of hours especially when you first make your fruit infused beverage.

If you are not using organic fruit, it is best to cut off the rind and the peel.

Ideas for cleaning fruit

  • soak in water with a little vinegar
  • spray with vinegar solution


Water + Fruit
higher hydration
enhanced flavor
flush / detox
cleanser / detox
quicker results
cuts sugar
simple sugars
added nutrients

Optional combos

You can infuse your water with fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Whatever you decide to use in your water remember, if you are not using organic

  • remove peel and rind

How to create infused water

  • do thin slices
  • use distilled or purified water
  • allow to steep over a hour, in fridge
  • opt, steep a cold tea brew

You can also infuse your water by the glass if you don't want to be bothered with a pitcher.

Do you really need 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water daily?

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Citrus, lemons
Citrus, lemons | Source

Multiple benefits

We know water is the best thing for us to drink. That it aids the body in numerous ways.
We know that getting additional fruits into our diet is better for our overall health, because of all of the nutrients that are added naturally.
We know the combination of the two help us tremendously, especially since we are doing both at the same time, which cuts down on time and effort.

We know that adding our fruit to our water achieves this in no time making our effort to do both and stay up with our recommended daily dosage of water and fruit manageable.


  • Water keeps our fruit from drying out
  • The fruit adds vitamins, minerals and nutrients to our water
  • Water helps cut down on the acids of citrus fruits preventing them from being destructive on our teeth,
  • flavor
  • refreshing
  • simple
  • cuts sugars
  • cuts our intake of sugary beverages
  • aids in organ function
  • flushes out toxins


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