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Body Cleansing Or Diet Change...Fruitarianism

Updated on September 13, 2017

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

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Can We Live On Fruit Alone

We are always trying to upgrade ourselves.... the older we get the more the need to hold on to the youth that is escaping us. Improving on the way we look or feel through diet, lifestyle or exercise.The need to upgrade our bodies to keep the inevitable from being too harsh. Refusing to grow old without a fight....One of the ways that we do this is with what we put inside of ourselves.Or maybe it's just me.

"The more humanity strays from his origin
The more we deny our bond with nature
The further from perfection we become"

A fruitarian is someone who's diet consist solely on the consumption of raw fruit, although there are those who include raw vegetables as well.Straying from the consumption of cooked foods which loose some of their nutrients in the process.Raw fruits are at the height of their nutritional value, they come packed in their own skin and don't require processing.Because of the high water content of fruits such as watermelon,cantaloupe,grapes,citrus.....etc. the need for chemically treated water is lessened.Not only is your body taking in nutrients but you are giving it something that it can easily assimilate as well.

Fruits for the most part are high in fiber, water and vitamin C. With daily consumption you can expect a reduction in the risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, Alzheimer disease, well as degenerative diseases associated with aging.When some people think of fruit,be they seedless or seeded,the first things that come to mind are apples, oranges,grapes and melons...etc..But there are also fruits that are seen as vegetables that are classified as botanic fruit which are: squash,pumpkin,peas,beans,tomatoes, eggplant, corn...and some spices such as allspice.

Different people take on this life style for different reasons, some for the purpose of cleansing may choose this diet (in part or whole) to rid their bodies of the toxins that have built up. A fruit diet will help you to eliminate the stored waste in the body and in turn will improve the overall health of the body.Some for the purpose of losing weight and then there are those who feel that this is the proper way to eat;believing that fruitarians are eating the way that God had originally planned.

Why Become a Fruitarian:

Fruitarians believe that their style of eating is the ultimate. Not only does it bring peace and harmony into the body but it also protects their bodies against diseases.Their hair,nails and signs of aging decrease.Mental alertness improves as well as the internal body functions.Some are animal rights activist and hate the slaughter of animals for the sake of their intake.Be that animal cow or fish the idea of consuming a dead carcass turns some people off.90% of all ailments are due to some type of blockage in our pipe-works.You will never have a blockage due to fruit.It nourishes and refreshes at the same time,improving the eyesight as well as the skin.

For those who are considering this type of diet,approach it gradually.Don't assume that it will happen overnight or within a month.And never forget to educate yourself.


Fruitarianism is considered a very restricted diet and as such with all good there is bad.The lack of protein in fleshy fruits can cause problems in the long run but the addition of nuts can balance that out. Vitamin B12 which is a bacterial product is not found in fruit, it is limited to animals.Because the body needs this vitamin fruitarians need to include a B12 supplement in their diet.The lack of this inclusion can cause irreversible damage to the brain and nervous system; fatigue,depression and poor memory will result if not included.With all diets it is to our advantage to make sure that we research before taking on something that we are not use to.Knowledge is power so be sure to take advantage of the internet when taking on a diet like this.


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