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Sweet Snacks: Low Carbohydrate Fruits

Updated on May 27, 2016

What's The Deal With Carbs, Sugar, and Diabetes?

May 2016

As a mother of a child with Type 1 Diabetes, being aware of and controlling the intake of carbohydrates and sugars has been a normal part of life for us as it plays a crucial part in the blood sugar regulation of someone with Diabetes. I'm not a nutritionist or a dietician, and by no means am I an expert, but I have personal experience Type 1 Diabetes and the regulation of my son's diet for his Diabetes.

My son, who is now 23, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the young age of 4 so it's been quite a number of years now. This was a traumatic experience for all of us, but it taught me much better eating habits for myself and all of my kids.


Be Aware of Sugar and Carbohydrate Intake

For most people with Diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2, paying close attention to the types of foods and the amounts of carbohydrates and sugars they ingest eventually becomes a way of life. Being aware of the servings of sugars and carbohydrates contained in the food they eat is extremely important because both sugars and carbohydrates have an effect on blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. Too much of these will raise blood sugar which is hard on the body. There's a balance between how many carbs and sugars they eat and how much insulin must be delivered for the body to process them correctly. Learning about how diet affects Diabetes and how someone with Diabetes must eat and take care of themselves is necessary to prevent complications.


Eat A Healthy Diet

For everyone, eating a healthy, balanced diet is important. But, for those with Diabetes, being mindful of the food they eat is vital for managing their Diabetes. When my son was little, I kept track of the grams of carbohydrates at meals because that's what dictated the amount of insulin I had to give him because insulin lowers blood sugar levels. If he didn't eat enough carbs for the amount of insulin, he would get low blood sugar. If he ate more than he was supposed to, his blood sugar would rise and additional insulin would have to be given. In people without Diabetes, their pancreas is what does that job. But for people with Diabetes such as my son, his pancreas no longer functions.

As we all know, fruit is and vegetables are important for a healthy and balanced diet and there are so many benefits from eating them. But fruits and veggies have varying amounts of carbohydrates so it's important to realize that these can cause a rise in blood sugar levels.

Fruits with Lowest Carbohydrate Amounts

There are several fruits that are low in carbohydrates, some even help in regulating and keeping blood sugar lower overall. It is confusing sometimes to try to figure out how many carbohydrates and sugars are in foods. For fruits, there are some with higher amounts than others. Below are the fruits with the lowest carbohydrate amounts from least to most.

Fruits With Lowest Carbohydrates

# of Grams
1/2 Cup
1/2 Cup
1/2 Cup
Avocado (yes, it's a fruit)
1/2 Cup
1/2 Cup
Honey Dew Melon
1/2 Cup
1/2 Cup
One medium peach
One medium orange
One medium banana

Why Fruit Affects Blood Sugar

Fructose or fruit sugar is a simple monosaccharide found in many foods. Fructose is one of three important dietary monosaccharides along with glucose and galactose. Fructose is a sweet substance contains fructose and fruit can be a great snack to someone with diabetes or anyone who would rather have a healthy snack when they want something sweet.

Fructose is a white solid that dissolves in water. It is the most water soluble of all of the sugars. Honey, tree fruits, berries, and some root vegetables contains significant amounts of molecular fructose and it is usually combined with glucose and stored in the form of sucrose. There are about 240,000 tons of crystalline fructose produced annually.

A Little More About Fructose

Note:  Fructose is a component of sucrose which is a disaccharide derived from the condensation of glucose and fructose. Fructose is derived from the digestion of table sugar (sucrose).

Oftentimes, crystalline fructose and high fructose corn syrup are confused as the same product. However, crystalline fructose, which is often produced from fructose enriched corn syrup is the monosaccaride while high fructose corn syrup refers to a family of mixtures of different amounts of fructose and glucose.

Thanks for Reading

Thank you for reading this hub. I hope it was helpful.


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    • glowingrocks profile image

      glowingrocks 6 years ago from New York

      Good write here.I never thought much about fruit and carbs,now I see the light on this.

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      You did it well.I am a fruit person,and i enjoyed your hub.Thanks a bunch.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Awesome hub...very informative....sounds like a need to eat more strawberries and less grapes...voted up

    • ErinElise profile image

      Erin 7 years ago from Near Sacramento, California

      Hey Tom, Nice to hear from you. Hope you all had a great Christmas too. Wow! 1256 -- that is high. You are lucky -- God was watching over you. It definitely helps to shed some pounds and a lot of times people can ease symptoms of Type 2 almost completely just with that, exercising and sticking to it. That's great that you're doing so well with it. You are welcome to email me anytime -- I look forward to hearing from you. Peace to you as well Tom! :o)

    • justom profile image

      justom 7 years ago from 41042

      Hi Erin, hope all's well. I was diagnosed on new years eve last year and I spent the night at the hospital. My blood sugar level (I just found out what it was last month) was 1256! The person that told me that gave me an odd look and said she'd never seen one that high. I stopped drinking, which caused me to loose 35 lbs. and I am without problems. I've even gotten back to a bit of bourbon on occasion. I should do a hub, when I read what a hard time people have with it I can't really relate. On another note I need to e-mail you after the holidays about that low sugar fruit you told me about! Hope you all had a great Christmas! Peace!! Tom

    • ghomefitness profile image

      ghomefitness 7 years ago from Chicago,IL

      Thanks for the list, it is very useful!