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Full Spectrum Living

Updated on November 5, 2015

Introduction to Full Spectrum Living

Most people are aware that they are unhealthy, out of balance and in pain. But, what to do? I hear it every day……”I know I should eat better but I don’t know where to begin.” “I know I ought to work out but I’m overwhelmed and can’t find the time.” “I know I need to take care of my health but there’s so much conflicting information out there, I don’t know what to trust.” I would like to open the conversation and offer some real guidance about how each of us can find true health and wellness for ourselves. Even in this crazy, techno driven, hyper stressed, drug addicted, media saturated, out of control life we are living.

Hello. I’m Theresa Wilkes and I am a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, certified herbalist, certified energy healer, and natural health educator. I work with people who are in pain. All kinds of pain; chronic and acute; physical, mental and emotional. In 2011, a report by the Institute of Medicine stated that 100 million adults experienced pain lasting more that 3-6 months. And, pain is always a sign and symptom of something lacking or ill in the body calling out for care and attention. It may be muscle tension, strain or inflammation. Constant stress caused by our non-stop lifestyles and chemically laden food is a key source of pain. Often overlooked is emotional suffering or mental overwhelm. But, call it what you will, (and trust me, if you go to a doctor, they’ve have a name for what you’ve got and a bunch of pills for you to take) most people are not in good health.

Real deep vitality and joyful good health; I believe it is attainable by every body with simple natural means. We find it in our bodies and through the wisdom held in every cell of our bodies. But, we have lost it because we have stopped listening to our bodies. We listen to “experts” before ourselves. We take drugs. We eat food that is full of chemicals. And, we are plugged in to our technology more than we are to our own inner voice. We are walking heads, buzzing with mental stress and completely devoid of an authentic awareness and relationship with our bodies.

Want a change? Me too. In this blog, I will talk about the many ways you can reclaim your healthy and peace of mind through simple, natural, safe practices and substances. I don’t think this has to be complicated. Take on one new thing at a time. I’ll write about something different every week. And, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Many of these things are free. But, almost all of them are cheap compared to the cost (financially and physically) of our modern health care. I want to offer you, in this blog and around our website, great dependable resources for learning about natural health. There is so much accessible information from experts who are well trained and educated in nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, yoga, meditation and so on. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look. I’ve been living this way for 30 years. I can help. However, I am still going to encourage you to come to think of your own body as the true expert. We are very biologically diverse. What works for one person, especially natural substances, may not work for another. Learn to listen to the wisdom inside your very own body. The amazing energy that created you is held in every cell of your being. How do you learn to connect to that wisdom? Well………..that sounds like a good topic for another day.

Be well,


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