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Full Time RVing Can Improve Your Health

Updated on September 19, 2011

Many of the folks I’ve met since becoming a full time RVer have informed me their health has improved since doing the same.  Could it be living much of the time outdoors?  In my case, much of my improved health can be credited to my great traveling companion; Charlie Brown…my six year old Cocker Spaniel.  Since adopting him as a puppy, he and I have had the luxury of having a doggie door leading to a fenced in yard where he could come and go as he pleased.

Most RV parks require pets to be leashed at all times.  Whether they require it or not, I hesitate letting my dear friend run loose especially when an RV park borders busy roads and highways.  Also, the scent of a rabbit, squirrel or deer could send Charlie on a run through woods and marshes making it difficult to find his way back to our home on wheels.  A dog needs exercise.  The only way Charlie is going to get exercise is for me to take him on walks. 

Before I departed on my journey, I weighed in at nearly 330 pounds.  I found it difficult to walk the short distance to my mailbox without the help of a cane.  In Texas we stayed at a nice RV park across from a 300 acre county park where I began to train Charlie to return to my side after running free, then getting him used to being leashed on our way back to our coach.  He loved the freedom of chasing rabbits through the high Texas grasses.

When we were in New Mexico, we found the rabbits to be larger and faster.  Every morning as the sun crested the surrounding hills, we walked through the high desert.  Making sure we were alone, I would then release him and he would hunt rabbits and other critters yelping and hollering when one was discovered.  Of course I had to follow him best I could.  Walks eventually turned into hikes.  My weight started to dissipate.

If exercise were easy, there would be much less obesity.  Exercise is hard work and I detested it.  The heavier I got, the more I disliked any kind of exercise.  The excess weight caused more stress on my joints especially my knees.  The pain in my knees became so great I could hardly walk much less exercise. 

For the last two months we have been staying at a very nice, privately owned RV park in southern Mississippi.  During the week there are only a dozen or so campers…full timers most likely working in the area.  Weekends finds the place nearly full.  My site is the closest one to the park’s swimming pool.  It was a good two weeks into our stay that I first ventured into the pool.  It took me a good hour to swim 20 laps.  Now I swim 50 laps a day three times per week with each session lasting less than an hour.  Not only do I feel great, I now weigh in at 265 pounds and my knees seldom hurt any more.  It took me most of my life to find a form of exercise I enjoy…swimming!

One day during my sessions, I met a fellow camper who water jogs.  His knees were bad, too and by emulating the same movements of running normally, he could gain the same benefits with a low impact alternative. 

As fall approaches and the waters cool, I will need to find an alternative exercise or find RV parks that advertise indoor pools.  Fortunately, many communities have indoor swimming facilities.  And now that my knees have started feeling better, I may attempt to find an alternative exercise routine for the cooler months.  Many of the parks where I’ve stayed boast exercise rooms.  225 pounds, here I come!


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    • NatNat34 profile image

      Natalie Flores-Henley 

      4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      This is a very reassuring hub! My husband and I are planning to being full-timing in a couple of years...partly to reinvent ourselves in so many ways, including our activity level. Great article idea!


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