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Fun Ways To Get Exercise

Updated on August 7, 2011

Working Out Can Be Boring

Exercise often involves a lot of repetition. You just go through the motions hoping you will eventually reach your goals. Some people want to lose weight while other people want to gain muscle. To reach their goals most people find an exercise they do not mind doing and do it on a regular basis.

The reason people often quit going to the gym or stop using the exercise equipment they bought is because they get bored. It is a lot easier to reach your fitness goals if you can find something that is fun to do. Working out can be monotonous.


Spice Up Your Exercise

If you are not looking forward to exercising you should change what you are doing. You do not need to workout. There are lots of other more interesting things you can do. Living your life can provide you with all the exercise you need.

When it is warm enough I go for bike rides to and around provincial parks once a week. While I am there I take pictures of animals and scenery. Then I go swimming at the beach. It provides me with a lot of exercise but it is more like a day off than an all day workout.

At night if I get bored I play games on the wii. The sports games get me moving and some of them get me sweating and my heart racing. I also have some tai chi and qigong DVDs and a book on kung fu. Learning martial arts can be an interesting way to get exercise.

Another way I keep myself interested in exercising is experimentation. I try to keep improving my exercise performance, find new exercises to try and do mind/body experiments. For example doing push-ups can be boring. I did an experiment to see if I could increase my strength by visualizing myself doing push-ups. Recently I started preparing myself to do one handed push-ups.

If I workout at home I do it while watching TV to keep my mind occupied. I can watch TV for an hour or two and get in shape at the same time. The alternative would be just sitting on the couch. Most of the time I would rather be exercising.

  • Get outside and explore
  • Play sports against other people
  • Learn new things like tai chi, qigong, yoga or kung fu
  • Start a hobby like nature photography
  • Challenge yourself
  • Experiment
  • Play motion video games like wii sports
  • Role Play. You could pretend you are training to fight a boxer etc.
  • Exercise while you watch TV


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