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Fun and Fitness Cruise in Bermuda - Beautiful Moon Gates and More

Updated on December 24, 2014

One of the best fitness associates I have ever met is Barb Batson. She is a great lady who is intelligent, creative and very dedicated. I have had the pleasure of meeting some outstanding professionals in my career and Barb is at the top of the list. What makes her special? Her energy, commitment and integrity. One of the many items she has incorporated into her career is promoting a fitness program aboard cruise ships called "Fun and Fitness". I have long felt that fitness is more than just about the body, it demands the engagement of the mind and the soul too. I know that sounds corny but it is true - if you love it you will return time and time again with a smile on your face and sunshine in your heart and soul. That is the every essence of swim fitness. The swimming pool offers an intensity for young and old alike. Swim fitness is no longer reserved just for therapy or the geriatric set, it includes high intensity workout that get your heart rate up and makes the very best use of the resistance of the swimming pool.

Swim fitness is wise because of the scientific properties of the water. It offers 360 degrees of resistance, it is 12 times more difficult than land and thanks to the principal of hydrostatic pressure, your resting heart rate is lowered by 15-18 beats per minute. No wonder the workout feels like fun - the water is truly made for an intense fitness workout.

You can go to heaven if you want. I'd rather stay here in Bermuda. ~Mark Twain

Swim fitness offers a fully array of intensity levels with no swimming skills - your head is always comfortably above the water. Swim fitness activities include Zumba, kick boxing, water aerobics and more!

When you visit Bermuda, you will see a unique and very beautiful garden structure called a moon gate. Learn about the history, the purpose and see over 8 different moon gates from around the world including of course - beautiful Bermuda.

If you wish to combine your love of fitness with fellowship and sunshine, you have come to the right place - Barb Batson promotes the Fun & Fitness Cruises. Included below is some details about Barb's upcoming cruise along with photos and insights into this beautiful paradise on earth called Bermuda. Learn about moon gates and explore the maps that showcase the distance of Bermuda from the United States. Stay tune through the end to hear comments about water aerobics and FUN & FITNESS Cruises.

Swim fitness offers a fully array of intensity levels with no swimming skills - your head is always comfortably above the water. Swim fitness activities include Zumba, kick boxing, water aerobics and more!

Beautiful Bermuda - Easy Access

flight times for Bermuda - easy access by air
flight times for Bermuda - easy access by air | Source

Gorgeous Beach in Bermuda

Bermuda beach with white sand and blue sky and deep teal water and palm trees
Bermuda beach with white sand and blue sky and deep teal water and palm trees | Source
pink sand in Bermuda
pink sand in Bermuda | Source
beautiful Bermuda
beautiful Bermuda | Source


In the Atlantic Ocean (in the North Atlantic off the coast of North Carolina), just 650 miles away (1046 km) lies a chain of exquisite coral island and islets located in the Caribbean called Bermuda. The group of islands are estimated to be about 138 - some are walkable islands, some are islets - just a rock or small land form which may also be a small sandbar also. This area is a British Colony that is still known today for its most famous piece of clothing - resort shorts aka the "Bermuda Shorts".

Bermuda is a Caribbean get away that offers lush flora and fauna and cushy soft beaches to stroll along to view the magnificent blue ocean waters.

Settled in 1609 by the British on their way to Virginia. Bermuda is best known for its tourism, however, Bermuda has also developed into a highly successful offshore financial center. Hamilton is the capital. Guides have stated that the best beaches on the southern shores.

"Bermuda was discovered in 1505 by Spanish navigator Juan de Bermudez, after whom the islands are named, who claimed it for the Spanish Empire. Unoccupied, the island was settled by England in 1609, making it the oldest and most populous remaining British overseas territory. Its first capital, St George's, was established in 1612 and is the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the Americas.[1]

"Bermuda has an affluent economy, with finance as its largest sector followed by tourism,giving it the world's highest GDP per capita in 2005. It has a subtropical climate.[1]

Map of Bermuda Island

Colorful blue map of the Bermuda Island - showcasing the location off the coast of the United States and also detailing the cities and the water edge in Bermuda
Colorful blue map of the Bermuda Island - showcasing the location off the coast of the United States and also detailing the cities and the water edge in Bermuda | Source

Moon Gates in Bermuda

Moon Gate in Bermuda
Moon Gate in Bermuda | Source
beautiful moon gate
beautiful moon gate | Source

Things To Do In Bermuda

The Moon Gate Circle

The circle is a symbol of perfection to the Chinese, who have a saying, "Flowers are beautiful when the moon is full."

The Good Luck of the Moon Gate

It is said that a moon gate brings good luck to all who pass through it....

Moon Gate

A moon gate is a garden structure is a sign of great wealth and prosperity for the upper class in China and throughout the world today.

A Moon Gate (Chinese: 月亮门; pinyin: yuèliàng mén) is a garden structure with a circular opening within in a garden wall. It serves both as decoration and as a pedestrian passageway, with spiritual meanings for every piece of tile on the gate and on the shape of it.

Bermuda offers a couple of fine examples of this rare and elaborate garden decoration. Prosperous homes in the United States and China have incorporated this garden wall design also.

For a more thorough look at moon gates, read more Home Improvements - Moon Gates.

Aerial View of Bermuda

Aerial view of Bermuda
Aerial view of Bermuda | Source

Bermuda - Best Island in the Atlantic/Caribbean

Travel from Baltimore to the pink sands of Bermuda September 17 - 22, 2011 (6 days/5 nights) on board the newly refurbished Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas.

Readers of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine chose Bermuda as the 'very best island' in all the Atlantic/Caribbean region.

Enjoy a FUN & FITNESS Cruise WITH BARB BATSON from Baltimore to BERMUDA

At the end of Next Summer Enjoy a FUN & FITNESS Cruise WITH BARB BATSON from Baltimore to BERMUDA

Sept. 17th - 22nd, 2011

You pay only $529 per person for a category M Inside Stateroom. Upgrade to a Category G Ocean View for just $150 more per person.

Call Barb Batson 800.500.8905 for more info and to reserve your space.

Email 'Barbara Batson' "barbatson at"

Bermuda - The "Civilized Paradise"

After exercising and having breakfast together each morning out on deck, you and your classmates can tour Bermuda enjoying this 'civilized paradise.'

A favorite shore excursion in Bermuda is to ride its free tour guided shuttles throughout the island learning the temperate island's history.

Moon Gates

While you are touring, you must walk through a "moon gate". Moon gates are structures that highlight gardens. Copied from the orient - as the sea captain had seen in Japan and China, they are a part of the Bermuda culture and legend has it that is is lucky to be able to walk through a moon gate especially for newly wed couples.

The moon gates in Bermuda are special because they highlight not just the garden view but also the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Exercise Class - Fun and Healthy Too!

Each FUN & FITNESS exercise class is private for club members only. There are no dues or fees to join this travel club. You return home looking great and feeling rested!

FUN & FITNESS does virtually no advertising. The members of FUN & FITNESS are the best ambassadors to tell about these great cruise vacations.

For more info, visit Bermuda Cruise September 17th 2011 for a low, fully-refundable deposit of $150 per person.

Baltimore to Bermuda


get directions

Baltimore, MD, USA:
Baltimore, MD, USA

get directions

Fun Water Exercise Aboard a Cruise Ship Headed to Bermuda

Fun and fitness cruise
Fun and fitness cruise

Share Your Experience

Have you travelled to Bermuda?

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Have you tried a swim fitness program on board a cruise ship?

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Integrate Fun with Fitness

Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi gave a lecture to the Wharton School of Business (Saatchi and Saatchi is a world premier advertising firm who is retain by fortune 100 companies from around the world) has stated that we should not try to balance work with our personal lives but integrate. It should be "And / And".

So in the spirit of integration, take Kevin Roberts advise and take your fitness, your vacation and you fun and integrate it all into one fabulous experience that leaves you mentally and physically feeling stronger, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Make Exercise Easy and It Becomes Fun

If we take the time and make the effort to make exercise easy, it actually become fun. We have complicated exercise and made it into a must rather than a want. If done correctly, the exercise is not just invigorating for the body but for the soul. Exercising with others, laughing and enjoying the company of great friends - old and new and moving to music while in the water on a cruise ship, what could be easier? And what in the world, where in the world could possibly be more fun?!

Cruise ships today, resorts have made actively incorporated swim fitness into their daily activities. If you haven't tried swim fitness, you are in for a treat. It is easy, albeit challenging to your heart muscle and especially challenging to the hundreds of muscles in your body. Swim fitness is good for your body and soul. Change your body, change your perspective. Understand the fundamentals of exercise are easy and fitness is fun.

Share Your Story of Fun Fitness

If you have been on a cruise ship and taken a swim fitness class, please share your story. Did you try Zumba? Did you swim laps, walk in the water? What did you find challenging, what was easy and was did you find the most memorable? Would you do it again? Was it a good value? What would you do differently?

In Appreciation


FTC Disclosure

The author is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor but is not participating in any manner in the cruise other than to share this information.


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    • Easy Exercise profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly A Burnett 

      5 years ago from United States


      I have never seen pink sand. Oh, what a delight. I cannot wait! Thank you so much for for sharing. These life experiences mean allot.

    • adrianlawrence profile image

      Adrian Lawrence 

      5 years ago from UK

      The beaches in Bermuda are really first class, beautiful pink sand.

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      H P Roychoudhury,

      Oh, the beauty of nature - I do love the photos - one of my favorite things about Hub pages.

      Yes, I do believe the mind and the soul need to be involved in fitness. The mind is really the controlling factor. We must want fitness not just as a medicine but know the results will make us feel better.

      Off for a run!

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 

      7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Nice hub full of thrill of beautiful pictures that refreshes the mind. You rightly said fitness “demands the engagement of the mind and the soul too”.

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      You make me feel better - I visited China - walked through a couple of dozen moon gates - had no idea until now.

      So glad you stopped by - thank you very much for sharing!

    • msorensson profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi, GmaGoldie,

      First, Happy New Year.

      Thank you for this!! Great information, and lovely pictures!!

      Oh and considering I have chinese blood I never really knew about the moongate symbolism until now!



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