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3 Fundamental Keys to Success

Updated on January 20, 2015

While people have different opinions in their minds as to what success is and how to become successful, I have narrowed it down to 3 main characteristics.

The keys to success lie deep inside everyone individual. More or less everyone displays these characters in accordance to their needs. According to me, the three fundamental foundations of success are

  1. Time- Routine & Organize
  2. Patience- Not Letting Go
  3. Perseverance- Holding On


By far the most important thing that I have noticed in every successful person's life is routine. Routine is the ability to control time and use it to your advantage.

The ability to maintain time is not gifted by birth, it is learnt through interaction and experience with the social environment and mostly through an inner desire to maintain it. Countless words have been said and heard about time by scholars yet many fail to control it. Time is free flowing, endless as it is said,
"Time and Tide Wait for None",popular proverb that I have heard in my childhood,

"To succeed you need to be in the right place at the right time" and

"Early to bed and early to rise keeps a man healthy wealthy and wise."

Truth be told, a routine life is the essential foundation over which a healthy, happy, sound and successful livelihood is based upon. You can almost never achieve happiness and peace if you do not have a routine life, and with a healthy body and sound mind success is inevitable.

Many a time we set an alarm only to snooze it, we set reminders only to pay no heed to to it when they come on. Success is about making ties, it is about connecting the dots and completing the picture of your dream, your goal. To succeed you need to learn to how tame time, how to organize your day and your activities.

Set your priorities right, lay down your objectives, form the mind map, note down the steps and most importantly focus on the task at hand. Keeping time, being organized and maintaining routine can be translated as the ability to set the a puzzle right by careful thinking which piece to work at a time.


Endless ideas come free flowing into many minds especially if you have a mind like me. Whether it be a money making business model or an innovation, ideas pop up into every person's intuition now and then, and I am sure many of them were great. But you have to stick to one and set your focus straight and begin establishing your idea bit by bit into reality.

But the most frustrating time in realizing an idea from paper/mind into reality is waiting. We are used to fast. Everything in today's world is fast and automated, and happens within seconds. In this world of light speed communication we have truly become somewhat impatient.

Impatience is an impediment you have to overcome in order to succeed. You have to learn to wait for your idea to bloom, you have to be able to hold on to your hope and wait for your idea to grow up to the next big thing, like you thought in your mind.

To be successful is like nurturing a baby plant. You have to water it, take care of it without asking anything back, until one day it will give the fruits and shade that you desire.

A Video with Lessons of a Lifetime


The last of key is perseverance, the ability to overcome whatever obstacle you come across and keep moving forward. It is what I think keeps every person living. The moto is to

"Keep moving forwards no matter what.." Sticking to your idea, your beliefs and working on them day and night and striving for them is perseverance. Hard work will always pay off, it will and has always been. I cannot exaggerate more on the point that I am trying to make rather than these videos. It has provided me so much motivation in my life. Please do watch it and give it a thumbs up.

Another great movie I would urge you to watch is "The Pursuit of Happiness", truly inspiring.

For me, success is the perfect blend of Time, Patience and Perseverance,'never give up, never yield.'

"If success is a lock it is most honestly opened by the virtues of time,patience and perseverance." -N.Sidd


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    • pulse22 profile image

      Webzine 3 years ago from Earth

      Thank you so much DawnMSamora !

    • DawnMSamora profile image

      DawnM Samora 3 years ago from Akron, Ohio


      All I can say is "WOW". I really needed this hub tonight. Everything you say in your hub is so uplifting. This is really a great hub, because many people like me look for hubs like this. Awesome!!

      Thanks, DawnM

    • pulse22 profile image

      Webzine 3 years ago from Earth

      Thank you so much nanospeck. Would love it if you share a bit of what success is to you.

    • nanospeck profile image

      Akhil Anil 3 years ago

      Good article about Success.