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Fungus Toenail Or Fingernail: Do You Make These 5 Common Mistakes?

Updated on November 4, 2017

Fungus infections of the nail are very common indeed. In fact estimates show that over 50% of all nail disorders are caused by fungus. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it is a curable disease and there are many options for you to consider for the treatment of nail fungus.

Trouble is many people who suffer from a nail fungus infection find it hard to get rid of. So let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes that you don’t want to make.

1) Don’t put off the treatment

This one may be obvious but it’s commonly ignored. Even if you think you can cope with having discolored nails (you’ll just cover them with nail polish or always wear socks) remember that the disease is progressive. Fungal nails rarely go away on their own and the condition is progressive. It’s much harder to treat more severe cases than early infections, so take action as soon as possible.

2) Keep on using the same nail implements

If you have a fungal toenail for example, you want to take steps to avoid it spreading to your other toes. Don’t use the same nail clippers or nail files on your infected nails and healthy nails. This is a sure-fire way to cause a cross infection.

3) Stick to a regular schedule

Fungus infections of the nail take a long time to be treated, at least the length of time it takes for you to grow a new nail. This can take between 6-12 months depending on your age, gender and general health. It’s important that you stick to your treatment throughout this time period without interruption.

4) Discuss with your doctor

It makes sense to speak with your doctor if you suspect that you have a nail fungus infection. With a laboratory analysis you will be able to have a solid confirmation. Your doctor will also be able to advise you on which treatments to take, depending on how far advanced your infection is.

5) De-bride your nails before each treatment

When you apply a topical treatment for toe nail fungus such as a nail polish or nail paint you want to ensure direct contact with the fungus. With some infections the fungus may lie underneath the nail or within the nail so it is vital to try and scrape away the surface layers of nail, as well as apply the treatment to the underside of the nail.

So to summarize: Take action, persevere and be consistent. Remember it may take months to fully get rid of the infection.

© 2017 Alexander Darwish


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      Things are norma 5 months ago

      True sentence

    • Alexander Darwish profile image

      Alexander Darwish 5 months ago

      These are some of the common mistakes that most people with nail fungus do. Avoid these and chances are you're going to recover quicker.

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      Sherriwilso 5 months ago

      How. ?