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50 Things said during pregnancy!

Updated on December 29, 2013

Yes You Are Pregnant!

1- 10 Things Said!

Lets start out by saying some, not all of these things could have come from my very mouth. The doctor's mouth or even possibly my husband's mouth. Some of these things were also said by other very pregnant woman, and other boyfriends or husbands. I can even tell you some were said by friends.

1. One more push! This would be a lie the doctors tell you after every push during labour, even if they really mean thirty or forty more pushes. - Delivering Doctor

2. I Quit! I am pretty sure every woman says this at least once during pregnancy. - Every Pregnant Woman Out There

3. Was it planned, and are you Happy? - There's always that one relative.

4. I'm either tired or dealing with morning sickness or both. - Fed Up Pregnant Mommy

5. I can see the top of the ears once they are out I will help pull baby out, followed by giggles from doctor and nurses. - Delivering Doctor

6. Mommy you have a big bum. Spoken from the mouth of a toddler. - Daughter

7. Wow, you kind of waddle. I only say this because you keep bouncing into me when you walk. - Husband

8. I can't shave my legs, how do you expect me to remain groomed else where? - Very Round Pregnant Woman

9. Mommy I have a baby in my tummy too. - Daughter

10. I can't see my toes. - Pregnant Woman Realizing She Is Getting Larger

Pregnancy Quiz Time

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What You Can't See From The Outside

Little peanut's first ultra sound!
Little peanut's first ultra sound!

11-19 More Things Said

11. Just slather on some green paint and my tummy looks like a watermelon- Pregnant Woman

12. Your stomach looks like something out of a sci-fi movie the way its moving.- Best Friend

13. I will wait and shower after you, there isn't really any room in there... - Husband

14. My kids sick, I don't want to infect a preggo mama. - Best Friend

15. This kids a kicker, my tummy looks like its trying to do the worm. - Pregnant Woman

16. If you don't pull over I am going to pee my pants. - Very Pregnant Woman

17. Don't mind me I am just poking my baby's toes out of my ribs. - Pregnant Irritated Woman

18. Wake up wake up wake up wake up (Said while jumping up and down trying to get baby to move) - Impatient Pregnant Woman

19. Hunny I am in labour (Husband jumps up looks at the nicely hung clothing in the closet panics that he can't find a shirt and has his pants on inside out) - In Pain Pregnant Woman

Numbers 20-30

20. Don't worry if you aren't in the room yet babe I'll just cross my legs and hold the baby in. - Worried Pregnant Woman

21. Oh, you have to throw up here's a kidney dish... - Nurse who thinks a kidney dish will hold everything that is bond to come up.

22. Husband tries laughing gas "It feels like there is a wheel spinning in my forehead"

23. 36 weeks pregnant, Husband states " I don't know if I am ready for this..." Pregnant wife says "Well I sure hope you are because it is kind of to late to pull out."

24. Is my butt getting bigger? Husbands reply "Nope it was always that big!"

25. My V***** is Broken! - Very Sore Pregnant Woman

26. Don't worry babe there's only 125 days left until the due date. - Excited Pregnant Woman

27. You look way smaller than you did your last pregnancy. - Kind Husband

28. It looks like you are carrying a basketball around. - Kind group of friends who then discuss your stomach.

29. Some days I look at my kids want to pull my hair out then realize I am about to add another body to this stressful group. - Pregnant Woman Waiting For Her Appointment

30. Last time you were pregnant I just couldn't keep the food away from you, you ate everything... - Caring Husband

Just a few more to read!

31. We are going to take your car if you go into labour... I don't want to wreck my seat. - Back - Up Driver aka Best Friend

32. I just have to stay till someone else comes right? I don't have to see anything do I? -Best Friend

33. Can we just cuddle tonight I have been on my feet all day. (after a day of laundry and call of duty) - Whining Pregnant Woman

34. Babe can you drive to Mc Donalds and get me a burger (3am in a blizzard when its 45mins each way) - Hungry Pregnant Woman With A Craving

35. Babe can you apply this lotion to my body, and then after can we just snuggle up and watch t.v? - Pregnant Woman Who Wants No Action Tonight

36. I only shoveled snow off the driveway, walk way and porches, I can't walk now but I am fine (36 weeks pregnant) - Stubborn Pregnant Woman

37. Oh yes please do go out and have a fun night of drinking with the guys, and yes please do call me at 10 asking for a ride because you are to drunk. - Jealous Pregnant Woman

38.You are beautiful and just think you can have your old body back right after baby is born... - Up Lifting Husband...

39. I think you are overreacting - Every Man Living

40. Think its one day of pain for a full lifetime of joy! - Best Friend

Don't Forget Some Of The Funny Things You See!

Sometimes it's not what you say but what you do so here is a couple funny things that are done while pregnant.

1. You become intimate with a pillow because if it is not between your legs you can't sleep.

2. Waddling not because you want to, but because the baby feels like they are escaping and it's the only way to keep them in.

3. Cursing your husband even though deep down you know that if you had only pretended to sleep early one night some 6 months ago none of this would be happening.

4. Rolling off the bed because you can't sit up and get out of bed like a normal person.

5. Sitting on the ground to get your shoes on only because you can't bend down without losing all the air in your lungs.

6. Placing a towel in front of you while doing the dishes so you don't have to change your shirt because your tummy sits on the ledge.

7. Grabbing your crotch because it feels like lightening has struck you and only you know it.

8. Taking breaks on the stairs because you are out of breath, then realizing you are only five steps up.

9. showering every night and sometimes every morning too, because you last labour came in the middle of the night and you want to look good for photos.

10. making your husband set up the nursery only to realize it wasn't a huge issue seeing how baby sleeps in your room for 6 months.

I hope you smiled at most of these some were said to me, some I am still saying today, and some I've heard from my pregnant friends. With any luck all those who are pregnant reading this are happy to know they are not alone in hobbling around because they have pull a muscle. Or having to run to the washroom because baby has just kicked your bladder and you now really have to pee. I would love to hear all the stories or other things said during pregnancy so please leave a comment!!

The last thing I will leave you with is this:

Ultrasound tech to Pregnant woman who has been holding 8 glasses of water for the last hour and a half.

"Here take this Dixie cup to the washroom around the corner, you can release two cups, but that's it, your bladders to full...."

Can You Relate?

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