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Future – Losing Weight the Nature Way

Updated on August 8, 2015

Look at all those beach bunnies with their perfect proportions, tight skin and multitudes of admirers and you could get stuck in the quagmire of self-obsessed negativity. Models have a couple things going for them: genetics and the time to devote to proper rest, nutrition, and exercise. Let's take a look at a really awesome eating plan that will burn fat while you enjoy your meals!


Be sure to take in two main macronutrients within the first hour of the day: protein and fat. Protein to rebuild and repair, fat for long-lasting energy. Those who rely on carbohydrates for energy early in the day are prone to hunger pains before the noon meal.

Try frying your eggs in coconut oil and eating a strip or two of bacon. These once banned saturated fats, bacon and coconut oil, contain medium-chain amino acids and long-term energy. If you would like to start burning fat, start eating fat.

A body that does not take in dietary fats will necessarily store any available fuel that enters. So that low-fat granola bar is going to go right to your hips, whereas that slab of bacon is going to tell your body to start burning fat, and fast!

Pre-lunch snack:

The best way to tell the body to increase metabolic production rates is to give it a direct signal: food. The more you eat, the more your metabolism, those sources for energy creation. will step up its game. Try for nutrient-dense foods for your snack, something that does not take any preparation at all but will afford you energy and a dose of what you need to kick-start your motor. Grab a handful of almonds, sunflower seeds, or a cup of whole-fat yoghurt, and don't try to fill yourself at this time. Twenty minutes after snacking, your belly will tell your brain that all is well, and to start burning off excess body fat.


Lunch should consist of all three macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. A simple yet effective noon-time meal would be: Sautéed chicken with peppers and onions served with long-grain rice. Yum. This need not be a huge

meal, as we are trying to tell the body to use the energy, not store it on our hips and thighs. Keep your carbohydrate intake to under 100 grams, protein to within 75 grams, and fats to, well, that is up to you, but at least one-third of your protein intake. Thus, your macronutrient load will be 4:321, carbs: proteins: fats.

Post lunch-time snack:

Give yourself a treat and have some coconut oil cookies with fruit and nuts mixed in. If you don't know how to make these, |earn. They are a great source of long-term energy and provide you with a whole lot of other benefits besides. Eat a single serving two to three hours after lunch to keep your metabolic rate high.


Here is a fun one, pork-belly sushi. That's right, uncured, chiffonaded bacon with sushi rice wrapped around it. Chiffonade some sweet peppers and mushrooms, and marinate those ’shrooms in something like soy sauce or Sriracha. Fry or braise the pork, whichever you have time for/prefer, and roll the whole thing up with a dash of wasabi mustard on top. You are going to really burn fat fast if you keep eating like this, don't believe the starvation hype.


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