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Updated on December 15, 2012

The high cost of health care affects everybody.

Overweight and obesity are costing America an arm and a leg, literally, when they take up over 20% of health care cost, and the sooner diet and nutritional warnings or instructions are driven home to individuals, as well as families, about what they must or must not eat to stay healthy, the better.

It will be not be that health authorities, diet and nutritional specialists, or even the government are interested in invading the privacy of people, and telling them what to eat; but if an issue of overweight or obesity was getting out of hand by having a negative effect on the maintenance of health services, some practical measures have to be taken.

As some municipalities are banning large portions of sandwiches and giant size of soda drinks, they are not inferring that people do not have to eat to their hearts' desire, or that they are interfering with what patrons to fast-food and regular restaurants are supposed to ingest, but they are suggesting that over eating can create problems, not only for the individuals themselves, but also for society as a whole; and that situation can be avoided.

That is when nutritious and metabolic food eating practice become habitual, with supplementation of the right kind of vitamins and minerals the organs in the body - the muscles, the heart, the lungs, the skin, etc. - depend on to remain normal for the individual to ensure a healthy life style of living.

In other words, taking personal responsibility comes in, for a person to control the vitality and the proper functions of the body parts that will retain non-fatty acids (bad fat), without the use of these mineral essentials.

With these antioxidants, the body becomes an efficient machinery, expelling the bad elements that put people at risk of being overweight or obese; and not to mention the numerous diseases that can be prevented, and thus cut the cost of health care considerably.

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