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GM Diet - I Lost More Than 10lbs in 1 Week

Updated on September 5, 2015

Short History

The letters GM in the GM diet program means General Motors. This program all started from General Motors Company in 1985, this program was intended for their employees so the quality of their workforce and production will improve.

After the Board of Directors approved the program, the employees and their respective families started using it until it spread outside the General Motors community. Right now, not only the employees of General Motors are using this program but everyone who is able to discover this per n-exercise-required diet.

GM Diet program runs for 7 days, and it is designed to lose 10 to 17 pounds if followed correctly. This has been a hit in the General Motors Corporation because of the benefit that it gives to their employees. The employees felt better about themselves because they were lighter and more energetic thus improving the quality of their performance at work.

GM diet preparation
GM diet preparation | Source

GM Diet Preparation

Before you start with the 7-day weight loss program, you have to prepare your body for it. The diet might be dragging for some because of the kind of food that should be taken on certain days, so keeping your body hydrated all throughout the process is really important. The best practice is to drink lots and lots of water days or a week before the intended start date of the program. You can also postpone heavy physical activities to a later date after the program ended. You may also eat starchy food like potatoes or oats.

Based on my experience, I started my diet on a Saturday because I don't have work during weekends. It's best to start it during your off because you should not have extraneous activities during the first few days of the program. If you can take a vacation leave the better, but if your job does not require you to do much then you can do it even on work days.

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7 Days GM Diet Program

GM Diet Day 1

The first day of GM diet program is a cleansing or detoxifying period; you will eat solely fruits for the entire day. The kinds of fruits that are suggested for the first day are watery fruits like watermelon, apples, mangoes, papaya and kiwi. Bananas are not allowed during the day 1 until day 3. You can consume as much fruits that you like, there’s no limit at all. This is one of the good things about GM diet because the amount of food intake is not regulated, as long as you follow the types of food that needs to be eaten on a certain day.

Basing on my experience, it was pretty much easy to go through the first day because I love eating fruits. But there’s a tendency that I crave for some meat but it’s very tolerable. I refuse to look at the food stored in my fridge, even checking my Facebook and Instagram account because of the food advertisements and posts from my friends. If you are not a fruit-person, this is probably hard to accomplish. But there’s no harm in trying though.

Aside from eating fruits, you can also consume fruit juices and water.

GM Diet Day 2

After going through day 1, I felt lightheaded and I crave for meat and carbo-loaded food. It’s kind of hard on the 2nd day, yet due to my determination to lose weight I still was able to get by.

During day 2 of the diet program, you need to eat potato and vegetables only. You can eat your vegetable salad without using mayonnaise or you can eat them raw or boiled. For the dressing of the salad, I suggest that you use either olive oil or vinaigrette. And don’t forget to drink lots of water during the entire duration of the program. Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to a better result.

I suggest that you don’t do extraneous activities on this day; if possible you start the diet program on a weekend so you can just stay at home and do some light household chores.

7 days GM diet program
7 days GM diet program | Source

Quick food reference:

  • Day 1 – Fruits
  • Day 2 – Vegetables
  • Day 3 – Fruits and Vegetables (except for banana)
  • Day 4 – Banana and Milk
  • Day 5 – Beef and Tomatoes
  • Day 6 – Beef and Vegetables
  • Day 7 – Fruits and Vegetables

Note: always drink lots of water

GM Diet Day 3

I probably got used to the routine which is why I could that day 3 is easier than the first 2 days. During day 3 of the program, you can eat a combination of fruits and vegetables (except for banana) and of course lots and lots of water.

Craving for something delicious and meaty is something that might linger in your mind for the entire 7 days of the program, but just don’t let it win. It’s better if you can get support from your family so they could adjust to the food that will be served in the table. It’s hard to eat fruits and vegetables while your other family members are eating steak, right?

This diet will definitely test your discipline and determination. For me, it’s a matter of getting the right mind-set. Trust me; once you’re done with the program you’ll be happy with the result, it’s all worth it.

GM Diet Day 4

It’s banana day! Oh yes, you read it right. For the whole day, the only solid food that you should eat are bananas (any kind), along with a non-fat milk. I recommend that you drink either skim milk or milk with less than 2% of fat. You have to prepare yourself from going back and forth to the comfort room because during this day, everything will be flushed out (I am exaggerating, but really just prepare yourself). :D

GM Diet Day 5

This is my favorite day of all. You would have probably craved for meat even from day 1, so on day 5 of GM diet you can get a great relief because you can now eat beef and tomatoes. But surprisingly, I did not devour the whole cow (LOL), what I mean is, I did not seem to like eating a lot maybe because of the loss of appetite during the previous days of the program. I suggest that you only eat small portions because your body might not be able to cope with the large portion of meat, just balance it well with a good amount of tomatoes.

And as a good practice all throughout this program, drink lots and lots of water and not juice. You can also make a beef soup plus tomatoes so you’ll feel energized for the whole day. Beef is necessary for this program because it serves as your protein supplement needed by your body.

GM Diet Day 6

Due to the increased loss of fats due to high metabolic rate at this stage, your body needs more protein for muscle development. On this day, you should have already lost as much as 10lbs, so you need to consume beef as your source of protein as well as vegetables as a your source of fiber.

Unlike the previous days that you are not allowed to do extraneous activities, during day 6 that you should take advantage of doing lively activities.

GM Diet Day 7

If you will make it this far, it is expected that you should have already lost a significant weight. You’ll feel slimmer and lighter, and your body will also fee energized. Congratulations!! At this day, you can now eat brown rice, vegetables and fruits (no beef or other meat).

Dos and Donts

Drink lots of water
drinking alcohol or soda
doing light activities
extraneous activites from day 1 to 4
avoiding vices

GM Diet Soup Recipe

GM Diet FAQs
GM Diet FAQs | Source

GM Diet FAQs

1. Can I drink alcohol?

Definitely not, avoiding smoking and alcohol during the program (even after) is one way of starting to live a health life.

2. Can I add salt to my food?

Salt and GM diet does not have any relationship at all. It is okay to use salt and other spices on your food during the GM diet and it will not give you any adverse effect at all.

3. Will I gain weight after the diet?

This will depend on the kind of eating habit that you will follow after you’re done with the diet program. GM diet is like a kick start to a healthy life, therefore you may want to continue eating healthy and exercise to maintain your desired body weight.

4. Should I go through this program even if I have an illness/disorder?

You have to consult your physician before going through this diet program. Your doctor has the best say on this.

5. How often should I go through this diet program?

For a starter, you can have this diet once a month until you reach your desired weight and then you can just use GM diet as maintenance twice a year.

6. What’s the alternative food to beef?

There are a lot of alternative food to beef during day 5 and 6, and these are chicken and fish.

7. Can I drink tea or coffee?

Yes you may, but only herbal teas and black coffee.


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    • awezome-writer profile image

      Glenrose Cesista 3 years ago from Cebu City

      You're right @sangre. Willpower is indeed needed on any kind of weight loss program plus discipline of course because those who are following the GM diet program tends to cheat (eat something that not allowed). hehe

    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 3 years ago from Ireland

      Sound interesting. I think certain diets if you are determined will work for you. It's a lot of willpower. Congrats on doing so well on it.