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GM diet plan - General Motors weight los program

Updated on December 16, 2013

Why this diet is different

The General Motors diet has proven to be one of the most effective methods to lose weight in a short time period thanks to it's cleansing proprieties and low caloric intake.

Consisting of only 7 days of diet this plan is a must do, both for people who want fast results as well as for those of you who want to cleanse their organism of accumulated toxins and start a new lifestyle.

There are many different versions of the GM diet, from the strictly vegetarian one to the Indian food version.However in this article only the basic one will get featured as it is the most popular of all.

Amazing transformation

What is the focus of this diet

As you can see the results can be amazing after only a few months of repeating the diet, but most people experience great results even when they try it for their first time.

But why is it so efficient?

  • it cleanses your organism after unhealthy lifestyles
  • it increases your metabolic rate so you burn more calories
  • is rich in protein and fiber to help with the natural body processes

Yes, the main part of the diet is the cleansing part where you will be forced to eat mostly fruits and vegetables. This way you get a high amount of dietary healthy fiber into your organism and help with the natural "waste flushing".

You will also burn more calories because by regulating the body sugars and eliminating the toxins all the biological processes will get to normal and you will feel healthier while burning more calories for your newly acquired "life force".

The GM soup recipe

There is this special soup created for the GM diet that will help you loose even more fat because of its low caloric value and high nutrient content.

The General Motors diet soup can be eaten in any day besides the first one, even though it is really recommended in the fourth day of the program.

The recipe is pretty simple:

  • About 6 large onions
  • 2 Green Peppers
  • 3 tomatoes
  • One large Cabbage
  • Celery
  • And about 22 oz of water

For more about and how to prepare videos of this soup check out the GM diet wonder soup full recipe.

How many other diets have you tried before?

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A little GM diet history lesson

The name of GM diet comes actually from the company General Motors but rest assured, you won't be treated with motor oil or gasoline.

This diet was developed by a team of nutritionists hired by this company to develop a diet for their employees to help them increase their life quality and overall health so they could be more active and productive at work( i know it seems like a paradox).

The results were amazing and all the employees have experienced fast weight loss and increased their general health.

GM diet 7 day plan

As i told you before this diet consists of 7 days of programmed dieting and to help you out i will give you my exact plan that i followed to help me loose 10 pounds in just a week, so keep close.

Day one presentationn

GM diet day 1

In the day one of the GM diet everything is simple to remember but hard to follow.

I know some people that actually enjoy this day the most(they are fruit savvy).

Why is that? Well mostly because in the first day of dieting you have to eat only fruits!

Yes that is right, only fruits except bananas for the entire day.

Please remember to also drink at least 10 glasses of water every day(this is crucial).

Second day presentation

Gm diet day 2

For the second day of the GM diet you are allowed to eat only vegetables.

You want also to eat only one potato in the morning to help with the recovery of strength from the day before.

Remember to drink a lot of water!

GM diet day 3

On this day you actually need to combine the first two days rules and eat both fruits and vegetables in any amounts.

You are not allowed potatoes or bananas in this day.

GM diet day 4

In this day you are allowed at last to eat bananas( and lots of them).

You can combine them with milk for a few banana milkshakes or eat them raw with skimmed milk.

Also, in adition you have to eat some sort of soup.My recommendation is to try the GM diet wonder soup.

GM diet day 5

Now things get much easier because you are finally allowed to eat meat, specifically beef(as less fat as possible with brown rice and legumes.

I would also recommend a nice soup in the morning and evening to go well with all the others.

GM diet day 6

Now you get even more protein from beef and vegetables as much as you want.

Yep! As much as you want to eat, but remember only beef with vegetables and/or the wonder soup.

Final day!

Now you should drink as much fruit juice as you please along with meals consisting of brown rice and vegetables.

Congratulations! You have finished you GM diet plan in 7 days. You should feel not only proud of yourself but better in general health.

Most people report an improved skin aspect after finishing the diet for the first time nd i have to admit that happened to me too.

Congratulations! You have finished the GM diet plan

I must congratulate you for getting this far and i hope you have seen the results expected.

Nevertheless you should know that even if you repeat this diet a few times a year the lifestyle matters the most so please change for the better and get a permanent nutrition plan that will help you improve your health overall without ups and downs.


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