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GMO Food Link to Tumors - New Study Shows

Updated on September 21, 2012

Public Health Warning


Genetically modified foods have undergone a recent secret study by french researches.

Testing genetically modified maize, (corn) wheat and soy products.

the results are staggering, and in a recent report from the agriculture minister Stphanie Le Foll in a recent interview made a bold and clear statement regarding the crops, thier effects and what is about to be done about it.

We are in the first steps of outlining a plan of action against these corporations, with all the substantial evidence in place, experts now speculate that lawsuits will begin to be filed on a corporate to public spectrum across the board


Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll, Ecology Minister Delphine Batho and Health and Social Affairs Minister Marisol Touraine said they had asked the National Agency for Health Safety (ANSES) to investigate the finding.

"Depending on ANSES' opinion, the government will urge the European authorities to take all necessary measures to protect human and animal health," they said in a joint statement.

"(The measures) could go as far as invoking emergency suspension of imports of NK603 corn to Europe pending a re-examination of this product on the basis of enhanced assessment methods."

Earlier, French scientists led by Gilles-Eric Seralini at the University of Caen in Normandy unveiled a study that said rats fed with NK603 corn or exposed to the weedkiller used with it developed tumours.

NK603 is a corn, also called maize, made by US agribusiness giant Monsanto.

It has been engineered to make it resistant to Monsanto's herbicide Roundup.

What can I do about it??

A question you may now be asking yourself is what can I do about it.

By knowing the difference between genetically modified foods, and organically or conventionally grown foods in your local supermarket, or better yet by shopping locally and at farmers markets.

By voting against GMO with your dollars you can stop their funding.

By sharing this information with people you care about and getting the word out you can help others and those oyu care about from making life threatening mistakes.

Avoid packaged foods, especially those containing corn, and soy ingredients.


GMO foods are not labeled in the U.S.A or Canada.

Know your stickers!


Know the difference!!

The Evidence is coming out

A watchdog probed into the story after the results came out, and found the same shocking evidence and had no chioce but to come to the very same conclusion.

China and US finding out the hard way

China and the United states are beginning to see the effects of genetically modified crops.

Health Canada is committed to getting the world out about genetically modified crops.

Stay Healthy Canada :D


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