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Nutrition Facts of Goat Milk: The Miracle Food

Updated on November 10, 2016

Using Goat Milk

When I lived in Nevada I used to buy goat milk from a farmer who had his own goats. I found that it was very palatable when it was fresh. I think when it is bought in the store, it has been pasturized and that seems to change the taste somewhat. Besides that, the taste begins to get stronger when it ages. That is why people usually complain about the taste not being to their liking. It was also discovered that it is the closest thing to mother breast milk. Goat milk is also a brain food, it is very high in chlorine, and can be used when there are problems with the kidneys as it has a germicidal effect on them. It has been known, that when given fresh warm goat milk, sick people on their death beds have virtually been brought back to life. It is much easier for mankind to digest and assimilate goat milk right into the blood than any other milk in the world. That is one reason why it is so easy for it to transmit the nutrients that are well needed for the body and utilize them. It actually digests within 20 minutes, and cows milk takes a 2-3 hours to be digested. A child weighing six to ten pounds, (the size of a newborn), is what goat milk was intended for. Nature made the cows milk to feed a calf weighing about sixty-five pounds at birth. The fat globules in cows milk are five times larger than the fat globules found in goat milk. That is one reason why it is healthier for people to drink it as it is safer to consume than cows milk because it is healthier for the heart! Also, if the person who is drinking it, is anemic, then all you need to do to help correct the anemia is add a couple of tablespoons of Blackstrap Molasses and that will give them the iron that they need in their body.

Goat Milk and Health

If you pay attention, you will see goats on many farms all over the country. The main reason why people have them is because they know that family, from generation to generation, always had goats on the farm because of the milk that they could supply that helped to keep their familys healthy over the years. Also they made goat butter, goat cheese and goat whey out of it. People learned from ancestors that it was goat milk that helped them to recover when they became very ill. There is another reason why goat milk is so good for us when we are sick, it is high in sodium and the stomach is a sodium organ. Sodium is also our youth element. When the stomach is upset, goat milk will help to settle it down, and the stomach is an organ that can become very sensitive when we become sick. Goat milk also has a very high fluorin content and keeps the tooth enamel on the surface from decaying. When it comes to stomach problems, like stomach aches and nausea, goat milk and carrot juice both drank when sick actually make the body respond sooner than most things taken. Many of the acid conditions that people suffer with, respond quite well through the drinking of goat milk daily. Two of the foods that respond well to arthiritis symptoms is goat milk and black mission figs. If a person is suffering with an ulcer in the stomach, peeled dates soaked in goat milk is a very nice combination to feed a hurting stomach. It is quite amazing that there is a life force within the goats milk and people need to recognize it. Remember it should be drank straight from the goat while it is still warm to receive it's healing powers full strength, especially for the very ill.

Vitamins in Goats Milk

  • Vitamin A.........2,000----3,000 I.U.
  • Vitamin B.......... 400---- 500 Sherman Units
  • Vitamin C........... 30----- 50 Sherman Units
  • Vitamin D..............6----- 12 I.U.
  • Vitamin G................----- 35 Sherman Units

Health and Vitamins

Goat milk has the ability to stop constipation and deliver a more sweet and desirable intestinal flora by using goat whey in the colon. It has been found that three-fifths or more of the world has been living on goat milk and they have been able to thrive on it. When God created mankind, he made the woman so that her milk would nurture her young and it would be sufficient to make a baby grow healthy. But there are women in the world, for one reason or another, who have not been able to nurse their young. Goat milk is the next best thing for a newborn baby and all young children. In fact, it is also very good for the middle aged and elderly. It has been found to compare to the chemical balance of mothers milk, which is necessary to grow a strong bone structure, good sound teeth, a strong developed jaw, and a well balanced glandular system. It can help a person put weight on who has lost a lot of weight from lengthly illnesses. It can also help those who want to loose some weight by drinking the whey or skimmed milk from the goat. Goat milk has a well balanced mineral content in it, which includes potassium, sodium, and calcium. Drinking it warm and straight from the goat, it is easily digested fast.

Disease and Goat Milk

Goat milk has the ability to reverse many sicknesses and totally rid the body of it. Some of the diseases that people have used goat milk for, are asthma, anemia, malnutrition, nervousness, rickets, tuberculosis, ulcers in the stomach, and many other health problems. It is considered a very good tonic for the very young, for the growing, for the adults and for the elderly. Nothing can match it for growing the bone structure and the teeth. It has the power to resist disease in the body and grow good strong tissue. The goat is one animal that goes all the way back to Bible times and before. It was the food that kept many people alive during famines. Goats are one of the healthiest of all animals. People who have weak digestiive systems have a greater tendency to be ill. It has the ability to cleanse. Goats milk can pull them though an illness because it is easier to digest. Goats are not grazers like the cow is, they like to be up on top of things, like in the trees and etc. They like to eat the leaves, herbs and the bark from the trees. Therefore, they get more of what the human body needs in the way of herbs, vitamins and nutrients. Goat milk is an alkaline food, whereas cows milk is an acid forming food. Goat milk contains nearly 10 times as much fluorin in it than cows milk, that is one reason why it is so good for children who are trying to grow their new and healthy teeth and their bone structure. Fluorin is a very unstable mineral. It is easily destroyed when it is heated and it has to be heated to be run through pasturization. Flourin is what keeps our teeth enamel from decaying. That is what people lack when they have grown what they call chalk teeth, where they just chip off when you run a fingernail over them. There are people still out there like that you know. My late mother-in-law had them and she had all false teeth by the time she was 13. So did one of her sisters. What is going to happen to the future generation if we cannot get raw milk! Constipation can be caused by pasturizing the milk. If your goal is to be healthy then it would be wise not to drink or eat anything pasturized. Even drinking raw cows milk is better than drinking it pasturized. It has been known that when farmers take their calves off of the mother's teet and put them on pasturized milk, some end up dying within 30 days.

Youth Element

2. Sodium is the element that is known as the "youth" element. Since goat milk is very high in natural sodium it is the star mineral in goat milk. It has the ability to counteract acidosis by purifying the bloodstream. It actually maintains the body's youth by keeping the joints pliable and limber. It is actually one if not most highest foods in sodium. As our lack of sodium intake begins to catch up with us, as we grow older and wretchedly and bent over, the need for sodium increases. Our joints stiffen up and we are no longer able to do many things that we used to do, and we loose our elasticity, our ability to walk, our youthfulness, charm, grace, the brightness in our face and eyes, our keen wits and liveliness, and our general health begins to wain. The zinc that is found in goat milk helps to repair respiratory ailments, and can also prevent epilepsy, gastralgia, neuralgia, cardiac disorders, and numerous other health problems. You can find zinc in joints, bones, liver, muscles, blood vessels and brain corpuscles, and cartilage. Rheumatic conditions can result when a person is deficient in sodium. There are many signs of a lack of sodium in the body. To name a few, swollen ankles, hair that is falling out, mouth blisters, mouth sores, tender scalp, cracked raw tongue, ulcers, burning feet, and cold feet, just to name a few. You cannot find the animal phosphorus that is in goat milk, in the vegetable kingdom, and yet it is essential that we have it for the brain. People who are always thinking or using the mind all day long, like lawyers, doctors, people with jobs that make them use their mind all day, actually need more phosphorus than someone who is more physical. Phophorus is the light bearing element in the brain. It is the spark that causes the brain to think. A lack of phosphorus will slow down the thought process, and make it hard for a person to stay allert or even be able to remember things, they have a tendency to go bald, or their hair will go grey without it,

Properties and Minerals in Goat Milk

  • Potassium................28.60
  • Phosphorus.............22.00
  • Sodium....................14.60
  • Calcium...................13.88
  • Chlorine...................13.66
  • Sulphur.....................0.80
  • Iron...........................0.60
  • Silicon.......................0.28
  • Flourin.......................0.06
  • Manganese...............a trace
  • Iodine........................a trace

Goats Milk and Nursing

For a child to grow a healthy body it thrives on the blood of the mother. Before they are born that blood goes through that baby all day long. If the mother is not healthy the child will be born with health problems. After birth many mothers nurse their baby's. When an infant is born it gets it start in life only from the mother. If she has been taking any drugs prior to the pregnancy or during it, the child will have the drugs in it's system also. It is vital to the child that it gets its start during the pregnancy, as well as the years before the mother was pregnant. Mothers raw milk actually secrets what is called colostrum from the breast right after giving birth, this colostrum helps to clean the baby's alimentary canal and starts the bowls moving. It actually sets the ground for the friendly bacteria in the colon which is called acidophiles in the intestinal walls. If the mother used drugs before and during the pregnancy the infant would be better off if it were drinking goat milk. Many times goat milk will cure a crying child, or one that is suffering from lactic acid indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting, and colic. Much of that is caused when the baby is on formulas with sugar in them. Even my children were on a canned milk and Caro syrup formula that a pediatrician prescribed. I did not know it at the time how bad that was for him. He was a terribly colicky baby and would not sleep at night and would just cry and cry all the time and vomit his milk up. Needless to say, the pediatrician just put him on a tranquilizer. When I think of that now, it makes me cringe. Goat milk actually even helps a baby's disposition. The goat is not an animal that fears or has anxiety, like a horse, the goat is not a jealous or nervous animal. They seem to get along well with other animals around them very well. Even a nervous mother who is nursing, if she is nervous and unhappy, or something is making her miserable, it will definitely have an effect on her milk. Children get their iron for the first year of their life from mother's milk if she is not anemic. Then after weening a child off the breast they need to get their iron through their foods. If a child is on milk alone for more than a year, it can lead to an anemic condition. The goat is actually one of the cleanest milk producing animals in all the world.


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