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Updated on July 1, 2013


In earlier Hubs I have discussed matters relating to high blood pressure and the potentially serious effects, sometimes terminal, upon us all. In other Hubs I have detailed new methods of countering the development of high blood pressure and also lifestyle changes that can benefit the sufferer. As a result of this, I have become greatly interested in checking for new advances in treatment potentials. Recently, I came across a completly new advance that could be a major breakthrough in treatment for many long term sufferers of high blood pressure. As high blood pressure is often thought of as the "silent killer" advances in treatments are of obvious importance acrooss the board.

Blood pressure as is commonly understood is the pressure on the arteries required to keep the natural flow of blood around the body to sustain human life. Age and lifestyle affect the arteries with furring or narrowing of the arteries which causes blood flow to be constricted with resulting strain being put on the heart. As the heart is the pump that circulates the blood it is clearly a disadvantage to put it under stress to perform the required function. Treatments have for years past focussed on improved lifestyle actions such as reducing intake of salt and alcohol. Statins, now under the microscope as to their benefits compared to their side effects, have been prescribed in multi millions to aid sufferers of this common symptom heralding problems ahead. As such it has been drug related treatments like statins that have dominated treatments for recent decades.

New developments in dealing with high blood pressure are being trialed as rapidly as possible as the medical profession seeks better ways of dealing with this problem which is probably second only to cancer as a genuine life thretener for so many. One such new, and somewhat novel innovation is currently being trialed in the UK. The innovation could prove the way forward for patients for whom traditional drug treatments are not proving successful.In short, the advance is to move away from drug treatment to a physical altering of the blood flow system where it is proven to be flawed and causing high blood pressure. Read on for the details of what could soon be a standard and life saving procedure for many.


For around 750,000 patients in the UK, a condition termed resistant hypertension applies. This term refers to the fact that they have failed to respond positively to at least 3 normal medical treatments. For patients such as these the new "paper clip " implant could be a real lifesaver.

In the simplest of terms the patient is fitted with an implant shaped like a paper clip in their thigh.

Only a local anaesthetic is required for the 45 minute procedure.In this time thin flexible tubes are inserted into the femoral artery and also the vein in the groin of the patient. Alongside these catheters, a device made of metal alloy is passed through the vein and the wall of the adjacent artery and which thus produces a passageway between the two blood vessels.As a result blood is able to flow from artery to vein which seeks to reduce the pressure by reducing the resistance to blood flow. The device, known as a ROX Coupler is clip like and thus gives the name "paper clip" for the treatment.Simple but so far showing effective results.

In tests 10% to 20% reductions in blood pressure have been seen with patients thus being less liable to suffer from heart attacks or strokes. Clearly these are early days and more trials are planned. Anyone wishing to consider being involved can find out more by contacting the e-mail address

Medical science and research is moving at rapid rates these days and new treatments such as this are coming into being, it seems almost weekly. This is good news but does not mean that older methods in this case are to be disregarded. Good and regular exercise together with sensible diet and moderation in alcoholic consumption are still good rules of thumb for us all at all times.The old adeage that prevention is better than cure applies. However ,for those for whom prevention has not taken place, and where standard drug related treatments have failed, this new, simple treatment offers a new vista free from the potential disasters that high blood pressure brings.


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