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GUIDE TO HAPPINESS: Connect With Your Higher Self

Updated on April 10, 2012


I want you all to realize that you are very important. You are beauty, talent, strength, vitality, intelligent and creative. I don't want you to listen to anything otherwise & for those who say things that are the opposite of the above are not looking out for your best interest. Never let discouraging words from others get you down. Don't let harmful words from others harm your mind or soul for there is a part of you that no one can touch. There is a part of you that has all the answers to every question that you have. There is a part of you are exists in order for you to never be alone. There is a part of you that can give you immense strength, concentration and determination. There is a part of you that is all good. There is a part of you that can bring foth great works of creation and inspiring beauty. There is a part of you that is more powerful than anything else you have even known within yourself. This part in you can bring forth an abundance of genuine happiness if you align with it.

I want to tell you a story.....this happened to me last April 2011 and since then my life has never been the same. On another hub I will tell the extended story which involves outer signs/guides along with intuition but its to complex for what I want to get across in this current hub. Early last April I awake at approx 0315 in the morning. Many of us wake up in the wee morning hours but this time was different for me. I lay awake for a few minutes when a voice inside of me says go write....write a story. I had never written any stories before nor did I ever have the desire to write anything before not even a letter etc. So I arose out of my bed and headed upstairs with a pen and pad of paper in hand. I sat on a large folded out futon with my back resting upon a variety of colored pillows. I was in a relaxed frame of mind, body and soul. I picked up the pad of paper and with pn in hand I began to write. The words just came from my head and onto the paper with pure ease. While I was writing I was wondering "where are these words coming from" I sat up for a couple of hours writing and writing until I decided to retire back to my comfy bed.

Upon waking in the morning my husband asked me where I was lastnight. I advised him that I upstairs writing a story. I got my story and gave it to Kevin to read. After he read it...he looked at me and asked "Is this your first draft of this story?" I replied yes it is. He then says "I didn't know that you could write" I said "Neither did I" So this is what I want you to try and please have an open mind. You have got nothing to lose by trying this.

First of all, when we wake up in the middle of the night, we are think that we have to go pee and thats what most of us do. That little voice that wakes you up is your higher self trying to get your attention as it has something of value to say to you but most of us don't listen or know not to listen and we just roll over to go back to sleep. On the night that I listened I discovered that I liked to write. I discovered a passion within myself that I had no idea existed and I'm so glad that I listened and did what I was told for if I didn't I would be writing to you right now.

So, the next time you wake up, find the strength to get up. Go to a quiet spot within your home. A spot that has a comfortable place to sit. Close your eyes and relax your mind. Concentrate on your breating and make your mind go like a blank white piece of paper....empty of all thoughts in total. Sit for a few minutes and enjoy the peace. Enjoy the peace of yourself within the darkeness and silence of the night. Did you know that alot of the greats in our history did their best work between the hours of 2 and 6am in the morning. Some say, that's when we are closest to our true self and our brain waves are slower at that time of the morning in order for inspiring creativity to be brought forth from the darkeness of the night to the light of the day. So sit and just be for a little while. See what comes into your head from your hgiher self. Please, try to walk a good road by aligning with all that is good and supportive of life in your daily lives in order to connect with your higher self. This little voice inside yourself can bring forth to you all of the wonders that exist within yourself.

It is not necessary for us to plod heavily anchored through this journey called life on this Earth Plane. The experience of life can be a wonderful one is you view it from the right perspective and finding all the genuis within you is very important in fulfilling your true purpose here. You see....I believe that we as humans have an extraordinary amount of talent, creative abilities and inspirational ideas that are hidden within ourselves. You has a hard time coming out because we are so busy in the rat race of life to notice the little signs and queues from beyond and within ourselves. I believe that we all came here with a purpose. A big purpose that befits the whole. Its our job to find that purpose and bring it forth in order to benefit the whole. We have been given clues our whole life as to what our true purpose is and some of us know what it is and it might even scare you to do what your purpose is.....when it kinda scares you then thats what you are suppose to be doing. Lose all fear based conditioning and limitations.

I believe that we as humans have creative inner talents that can produce revunue and none of us need stay employed under big corporation.....enslaved to the punch clock with big CEO's walking away with even bigger buy outs.....all produced by us the worker ants. Don't you feel like a worker ant in and day out....same routine in the busy workforce Monday - Friday. I know when I go downtown to Toronto once a month and I get off at Union Station I feel like "Moooooooing" like a cow in the herd because that's what I feel like. Honestly like a cow in the herd....following all the other worker cows in line heading to the doors of repetitive routine in order for the rich to get richer and the worker cows or ants bringing home their token pay. So, I think its time that the game is changed in the way that it is played.

First lets find what your creative talents are? Meditate, seek and listen to the voice within. I belive that it will never lead you astray for it is your higher self that looks out for your best interest. Look fo outer signs and by that I mean be aware of all your outer surroundings. Be aware of anything out of the ordinary or odd that strikes your eye. If you find something research it on its meaning or origin. Indulge in creative activities, read good books regarding your mind, thoughts, or processes of the mind, pick up an instrument if you've ever wanted to learn one. Don't ever say to yourself that you can't do something or that you are not capable of achieveing this goal or that goal. Always believe in yourself and the power within yourself where creation first came from. Seek within yourself and you find your light to glory and it will lead you places that you never would have imagined. Seek within yourself to bring forth an amazing journey. A journey where you know not where the end is but you follow the signs and queues and you walk a road is that is laid out by something higher than yourself. Always rememember.......align with all that good and supportive of life. Believe in yourself always. Know that you are created perfect....just like you are and that you are one talented individual. You will find your inner talents when you give yourself a chance. Spend more time in quiet places within your home. Listen to inspiring music only as it elevates all your senses and aligns with a feeling of AWE. Rise out of bed early to get the most out of your day. Open the curtains and let the sunshine cascade through the ahlls and rooms of your home. Lose the watching of that awful time waster of a television, avoid the radio and any negative printed media. I say lose going to all the fast food restaurants also......its killing thousands of people all the time....obesity and food industry is another hub and a big one. There are so many negative influences within our own governent and society that we have to be aware of and the severe damage that these inflcit upon our minds. No wonder so many people are on anti-depressants with all this negativity floating around in the air.....I wonder if people who re on antidepressants know that that medication is suppose to raise seritonin levels in the brain. Do any of these people know that an act of kindness raises seritonin levels also, Connect with nature if you live within the big cities....head to a park or waterfront and just be one with the air, sunshine, trees, animals and flowers and the sounds of the whispering winds. Feel the freedom within your own mind. When you control yourself fully.....nothing can interupt the happiness that will reign within yourself. Others will see it and others will feel it. Bring it unto yourelf and enjoy the bountiful of gifts that will come forth. Good luck in every endeavor and enjoy every day here!

Tammy Mackey

Listen to your inner voice to see what wonders will come forth. The wonders within come forth when the mind is quiet and creation show itself when the light rises to begin a new day.


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