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GUIDE TO HAPPINESS: Don't Be Too Concerned About Others

Updated on April 6, 2016


Now this is what I mean when I say the above phrase. When I say don't be too concerned about others it's not in the sense of their well being. I am concerned about others in regard to their state of being....their health. That is being kind and caring for others. What I am not too concerned with is how others compare to me with what they have as in accomplishments and possessions. Some people are overly concerned with what others are saying, doing and buying as these people compare themselves to others. So many are always on the look out to what their neighbors or friends are buying, building or purchasing. Some are concerned with what others are wearing or what kind of handbag they are carrying and as if any product adds value to our true nature. We are not our body as our body is our vehicle that gets us from point A to point B. We most certainly are not our accomplishments or possessions but some feel otherwise as their ego aligns with all these material things that they think ranks them high on the ladder above others who do not have these things.

I look at everyone as though they are my equal for we were all created equal. We all have a beautiful outer costume that we can't really take credit for. We can take credit for how we take care of it or how we abuse it and that's it. You see......when you are constantly looking at others and ranking importance attached to their possessions you are comparing and judging yourself against them. That's all wrong, as so many have a lot of things and some people have nothing. Some people that have everything sometimes walk around as though they are the king of the castle and everyone else are the peasants. There are no kings on any castle on this Earth Plane and to those who think they are the king of the castle....inside they have their own inner battles going on..... mark my words. Some of the people who seem to have it all......actually have nothing of real value as some drink themselves into a tizzy everynight. Happiness cannot be found outside yourself....remember that! Remember......people that live a life filled with only desires to impress upon their own ego and to impress others are living a battle that can't be won every day of their lives. You see......desire is very low on the level of consciousness and its desire gets filled only to have the itch of another desire to come forth. The circle is endless and so many people are going around and around in this crazy circle.

Some people chase the desire so much that they go into debt for it. If their neighbor goes out a buys the latest tv on the market.....the other neighbor could become green with envy and only wants what the other has. He might even go to Best Buy and put the tv on the almost already maxed credit card in order to feel as important as his neighbor with his new tv. What a silly game.

I am not here on this Earth Plane to be in any game with anyone. I have no interest really in what people are buying or building. I am not in competition with anyone and I wish all well who purphase nice and wonderful things. Its nice to see people who work hard reap the benefits by treating themselves with treats.....they work hard for it. I feel sorry for the people who buy au grandier things and walk around fully ego based. I have empathy for those who feel superior over others because they drive an expensive high end car. I have empathy for anyone who lives in a big house that feels superior or more special than a person who lives on the street. I wish all well wherever they are and I never wish harm upon anyone no matter how bad of a person they are. We can all be wonderful, kind people if we let the power within ourselves out.

So don't ever compare yourself to anyone ever. You are special and amazing all by yourself. You are beautiful, creative and talented and you can be anything you want to be if you have faith and believe. Always remember......the people to have empathy for are those that align with all that is bad and non supportive of life. Have empathy for those who walk the road that squishes many so they can get to the top. Have empathy for those how look down upon others as though they are the almighty king in the neighborhood, office or within any environment. Have empathy for those who judge others and compare themselves with others possession and accomplishments. Have empathy for those who are envious of others in the way that they look or what they have. So don't be too concerned with what the local gossip is about so and so and what they are doing. If it's good for them then its good for them. Be a kind person who wishes all well and good things will come forth unto you. Smile and say "Good for you" when buddy drives by in his new car! What's really important is what we have in our hearts. I am peace, joy, love and I align with all that is good and supportive of life. I align with my true nature and this brings forth an abundance of genuine inner happiness to myself and others around me. Don't be a keep up the Jones's kind of will eat you up with stress as there is always someone, somewhere who always has more. Enjoy these tips and make everyday a great one.

Tammy Mackey


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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Very good, I liked the part about happiness coming from inside. Voted up and beautiful