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GUIDE TO HAPPINESS: Where Are You In This Big World?

Updated on April 12, 2012

Where Are You In This Big World?

Do you ever wonder about the world? Do you ever wonder how it all got here? Are you ever amazed at how nature works? Do you ever question your mortality? Do you ever wonder why you are here? Do you ever try to disect yourself into what you are and what you are made of?

It's a big world isn't it that we live in and it is very wonderous and mysterious, quite the miracle actually. We as humans have the pleasure of living on this great Earth Plane and what an experience it is for some of us. I believe that some are going through the experience of life with arms outfolded and ready to embrace what is brought forth and those who are like that enjoy every waking part of their day from the sun rising to the sun setting. I believe those who are truly happy within themselves live in a wonderful reality for what they feel on the inside is reflected on the outside wthin their daily lives. The big picture of life is so immense and deep for the more you want to know the more you will find. "Seek and ye shall find"

Do you ever wonder where you fit within the scheme of life? Where do you belong and what is your inner genius niche? What are you all about and have you tried to find yourself within you? Its quite the journey if you want to partake in it and what a journey it will be. Finding the you in you is a deep task but well worth the effort and its not hard effort either. I believe its important to find our place in this world and to know why we are here. I believe that we all have a purpose and we are filled with so much talent and creative abilities, we just have to find them thats all. So its really a journey within and that is where one must go to find the true you. Let loose any chains that bind you. Let loose all the fear and conditioning that have been inflicted upon you by yourself, others, education, media and government. Let it all go and free your mind in order to bring you to a place of knowing. A place where doubt never raises its head. A place where security within oneself stands strong. A place where creativity unfolds its amazing creations through inspiration found within. You see, when you connected completely to this amazing world that we live in, you actually become part of the fascination, you see. We are fascinating, you and I, for we are born to experience all that is around us and what a beautiful place it really is. Its boundless shades of color so vivid and clearly defined. The beauty of landscapes, sunrises and sunsets. The skies overhead offer spectacular visions just for us. When you become observant to all that is around us, the questions from within can start flowing and thats a good thing. It's good to become aware of our surroundings and its good to become aware of us.....the me within the outer me. When you connect the inner you with the outer realm, a great connection unfolds. I believe that I am a part of this amazing world in many ways. I came forth from the most creative Source, obviously Source had to be creative, take a look around. I am part of the nature I live in as I am here. I belong here and serve a purpose just like everything I view beyond the window in front of me. Everything has a purpose, a place and belongs and so do all of we.

We all belong and I don't want anyone to think otherwise especially if some nay sayer is giving you the look like "You don't belong here". We all belong here and its our job to find out why we are here? What are we suppose to be doing with our lives? I don't believe that we were meant to be a slave to corporations by puching the clock for them at 9 and out by 5. I don't believe that we were meant to live a life filled with stress, worry or anxiety and by the way all that stress within many is making many a people rich and I mean really rich. There is alot of money to be made within sickness, illness, disease and any ailment within the human body. The more I stay away from controlled propoganda like media print, television and radio the better I feel. I find that when the television is on I feel a cloud of confusion kinda over my head and I don't think clearly. Its like I become a zombie sort of. The sounds and colors are annoying to me and I don't find any of it really enlightening to me at all. If something does not serve me in a positive and enlightening way I really have no use for it at all. That goes for alcohol, lame gossip, caddy clicks, fast food restaurants, glamour magazines, high fashion, hollywood fame and fortune stars.....what's new in the life of.... kinda thing, ego based individuals.....have empathy for them...they may see the light one day and maybe not, if it's foul I stand not beside it, if it aligns with negativity and non supportive of life....I will not stand beside it for I only align with all that is good and supportive of life.

So, if you don't think you belong, get that thought out of your belong because you are important, an important and contributing factor who has alot to offer to the world and its inhabitants. You are creative and intelligent. Go within yourself to have a journey unfold and walk a road of peace, serenity and pure pleasure everyday. Nothing will sour you as you align with the strongest bond there is and that is the power within you which is the power that created you. You and power align on the same level and you have many gifts. "Seek and ye shall find" these gifts and other magical qualities. If you think you are here to just plod day in and day out with everyday being just another day you are selling yourself really short to what life has to offer. Do you really think within this amazing creative world that we are here to plod in stress, sadness and anxiety. When you free your mind from fear and controlled proganda something will lift inside of you. A freedom you could say. Each day will be become brighter for you and you will faith within yourself always. I am not saying that you won't faulter, you may faulter, but you will always get up and strive to be the best you an be. Always remember to align with all that is good and supportive of life for this is the noble thing to do. Let others walk a road that leads to no where if they want for some think they are right even when you are doing wrong. I want a life full of happiness, inspirtion, creativity, love and laughter where less wrinkles appear on my skin. A life where I feel as though I am young maybe 23 years old. I'm not flighty with nieve thoughts but have the energy and vitality of a young person. Never ending energy actually. Say to yourself constantly "I have energy, I am energetic, I am youthful, I am young, I am vibrant, I am what I am, I am strength, I am vitality" You will mirror your thoughts exactly. When the above thoughts form a is unnecessary to repeat them anymore for you know you are those things for you feel it, see it and know it and you are it. Enjoy opening the precious treasure box within yourself and let your creative treasures dance their works within the amazing world we live in. You are a miracle and you hold miracles within yourelf. Let them out for the world to see and smile your way through each day that is brought forth upon you within your journey through eternity.

May each and everyday within your life be one that is precious. Be thankful for the gift of life and more gifts will come forth unto you to be thankful for.

Tammy Mackey


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