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Gain Energy with a Diet That is Better Than Before

Updated on August 12, 2015

A healthy lifestyle is important for us all, as we have to juggle several responsibilities throughout the day, which involve work, family, and life itself. All these responsibilities can lead to too much stress, very little sleep, and less time for other things. Regardless of how busy we are, we should never cut corners when it comes to keeping a healthy lifestyle. Our body needs to function correctly, which calls for the correct amount of sleep, food, and exercise, all of which contribute to what we do daily.

Energy and Diet

The food we consume turns into fuel, which we use throughout the day, hence the energy. You may notice the day you skip a meal (5) you will feel very tired due to the fact the body is missing the fuel it usually gets. The liquids and food we consume is where our body gets the energy. The top three nutrients that are used for energy include protein, carbohydrates, and fats. when we eat, our body breaks down the nutrients into little components, which then get absorbed into fuel. This process is called metabolism.

Different Carbohydrates

-Carbohydrates are the most important source.

- They come in two types.

- Simple and complex are the two types.

- Both are converted into glucose sugar.

Best Foods for Continuous Energy

Foods that can give you prolonged energy are complex carbohydrates, which include:

-Whole-grain breads

-High-fiber cereals


-Starchy vegetables

-Dried beans

All these foods are brilliant for sustained energy as they are digested slowly and at a consistent rate. Another thing these carbohydrates do is stabilize the body's sugar level. As a result, this causes the pancreas to create less insulin, which further gives the individual a feeling of satiety, making the person less hungry.

Proteins, legumes, and polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are also important in an energy producing and healthy diet. Protein foods include:

- Turkey

- Chicken

- Fish

- Pork

tenderloin Legumes include:

- Beans

- Lentils

Fats include:

- Seeds

- Avocados

- Nuts

- Certain oils

Foods to Avoid

When it comes to simple carbohydrates, these need to be limited. They can range from cookies, candy, juices, and sugary beverages. The body quickly breaks down and absorbs simple carbohydrates, which provides the individual with an initial burst of energy for 30-60 minutes. However, these are digested ever so quickly that they can result in a slump afterwards. Alcohol and caffeine also need to be avoided. Alcohol is a depressant, which can reduce energy levels. Caffeine, on the other hand tends to give an initial two-hour energy burst, which is followed by a crash.

Planning Meals for Continuous Energy Three meals with three snacks every day is the recommendation, which means one should never go over three-four hours without eating anything. One should also include something for all the food groups with each meal they consume. One must also remember that foods high in protein, fat, and fiber will take longer to digest.

Now that you are aware, it is important you do not overlook these important points. Regardless of how hectic your life is, you know skipping something as important as daily meals will just make the day worse, and not better.

Ensure the food choices you make are indeed very wise, which can provide you with constant energy throughout the day. If no one else does, your body will surely thank you.


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