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how to Gain weight for hard gainers

Updated on August 11, 2010

The Quick Transformation

Everybody is so occupied with finding ways to lose weight that that they forget the portion of the population who are underweight and are trying to pack on some weight. There are both men and women who have struggled to gain some weight because they are not eating the right foods or follow an ineffective workout plan..

Just because you are skinny does not mean you are healthier than an overweight individual. In fact you are considered unhealthy if you are below your ideal weight for your height. We all want to gain or lose weight due to personal reasons but what ever they are, one thing is common, in the end it’s all about feeling good about ourselves. You don’t have to live your life unsatisfied about your weight anymore there are things you can do to change that. The only thing is you have to be consistent with trying to achieve the goal and you also need some self control with your diet and eating habits.

The Vince Delmonte program has been featured in mens fitness and maxim fitness magazines as well as other mens health magazines.
The Vince Delmonte program has been featured in mens fitness and maxim fitness magazines as well as other mens health magazines.

Follow a program that works

One advantage of being a hard gainer is that when you add a workout plan to your goals you will see incredible results. Get in to a gym or get some workout equipment and start working out. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on workout equipment. There are exercises you could do in the comfort of your home like pull ups, push ups and barbell as well as dumbbell exercises.

Get Buff with the Vince Delmonte Fitness Program

Sample Meal Plan


A bowl of cereal

4 Eggs, 3 sausages, 3 slices of toast

Mid morning

Protein shake and banana


Boneless chicken breast

Side of peas, carrots, potatoes

Mid day snack

Protein shake


Pasta with ground beef

Raisins and Yoghurt


Late night

Chicken sandwich with cheese


Eating the Right way

Your new diet plan should consist of eating about 6 full meals through out the day. Eating 20 donuts a day is not the way to go; this will do you more harm than good. You should also drink lots of water because it is not only healthy but with increased meal frequency and possibly weight gain supplements you will need to drink plenty water to keep your body hydrated.

Creatine will also come in handy to give you those extra pounds quicker. Creatine is used by boyduilders and athletes to increase muscle strength and maintain the buff look you get after working out. The muscles produce Creatine naturally but it's so small in amount that you will need extra Creatine to allow your muscles to absorb more water. So it's important you drink a lot of fluids. To use Creatine effectively take it for two months and rest the third and begin the cycle again. You will most likely notice a significant increase in size in a matter of weeks if you eat right and follow a consistent workout regimen.

To speed up your bulking process, especially if you are trying to build lean mass, there are several supplements that you can purchase. Buying the right ones is the key because there are so many different kinds available for different purposes. For example higher calorie protein shakes are mainly for hard weight gainers just trying to add mass, while lower calorie weight gainers are better used to maintain size.



Bent Over Barbell Row

Pull Ups

Wide-Grip Lat Pull down


Leg Press


Leg Extensions

Workout Plan



Barbell Curl

Alternate Hammer Curl

Concentration Curl


Military Press

Dumbell Shrugs

Lateral Raises


Combine 10 to 12 different ab work outs doing each for 30 seconds (no pause)



Bench Press

Push ups



Dumbell Kick Backs

Seated Triceps Press

Triceps Push down-V Bar attachment


Combine 10 to 12 different ab work outs doing each for 30 seconds (no pause)


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