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Gallbladder Problems? - Home Remedies that Can Help

Updated on September 13, 2012

Gallbladder Problems?

I am going to be writing about Home Remedies that can Help. I am also going to inform you on

What is a Gallbladder?

What are the Functions of the Gallbladder

What are the causes and symptoms of Gallbladder Disease?

And some Home remedies that can help.

I hope you enjoy this article and that you leave here better informed on what you can do at home.

Please note: that I am not a Doctor nor a Physician, and that I cannot treat nor diagnose any condition or disease. It is best to ask your doctor before trying any products or exercise programs.


Gallbladder - Home Remedies that Can Help!
Gallbladder - Home Remedies that Can Help!

What is a Gallbladder?

The gallbladder is a hollow organ that rests right beneath your liver. Most gallbladders in adults are about 3 inches long and 1 and half inches wide.

the Gallbladder has 3 sections to it which are the:

  • cystic duct
  • common hepatic duct
  • common bile duct

at the top of the gallbladder is where the gallbladder pouch is or called the Hartmann's pouch and that is where most gallstones will form.

What is the Function of the Gallbladder?

  • Your Gallbladder stores about 50 ml of bile.
  • It is released from the liver when food that has fats in them are eaten.
  • Your Liver will release bile to help digest the fats.

Gallbladder - Home Remedies That Can Help!
Gallbladder - Home Remedies That Can Help! | Source

Gallbladder Problems Symptoms

  • Pain when pressing on the Right side underneath the last rib.
  • Stone on a Gallbladder ultrasound
  • greasy and loose stools that tend to float to the top of the toilet bowl (improper fat absorption)
  • About 90% of gallstones cause no symptoms at all. On average it takes about 8 years for a symptom to develop.

Most common symptoms of Gallbladder disease are:

  • Pain when pressing on the Right side underneath the last rib.
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • gas or bloating 

The Gallbladder can commonly have Gallstones

What are Gallstones in the Gallbladder:

Gallstones are Stones that are formed in the Gall inside the gallbladder.

The Gallbladder is a pear shaped organ that sits just below the liver and stores the bile secreted by the liver.

Bile is a liquid that is used for digesting food in the intestine, specifically Fats.

Types of Gallstones:

  • Cholesterol gallstones (most common)
  • Pigment gallstones (second most common)
  •  pigment is a waste product formed from hemoglobin. 
  • black pigment gallstones:

Gallbladder - Home Remedies that Can Help!
Gallbladder - Home Remedies that Can Help! | Source

Foods that will help dissolve Gallbladder Stones

  • ACV (apple cider vinegar)
  • Lemon Juice (dissolves stones)
  • Apple Juice (soften stones)
  • Pears (pear juice is excellent for the gallbladder) (has healing benefits for the gallbladder is excellent for you)
  • Parsnips
  • Seaweed
  • Limes
  • Turmeric
  • Beets (beet juice is excellent for the gallbladder) (with carrots and cucumbers is exellent gallbladder cleanser)
  • Dandelion see my article on "Dandelion - Miracle Herb" Dandelion juices can be takin twice a day (helps stimulate bile production which is great for gallstones)
  • Olive oil is great for gallstones again stimulates the production of bile to remove gallstones.

Here is a Great Gallbladder Diet Plan

Foods good for the Gallbladder:

  • Beet
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes
  • shallots
  • grapes
  • apples
  • pears

Gallbladder disorders usually you can not eat fats, Fats can cause symptoms to become worse causing more pain or gas and bloating, try to eat more healthy natural fats instead, but in moderation

so avoid:

  • eggs
  • chicken
  • pork
  • red meats
  • all fried foods
  • no trans-fats

Gallbladder Cleanse

Very Popular:

Olive Oil/lemon or grapefruit juice cleanse:

Before actually doing the cleanse i would drink allot of apple juice and lemonade fresh if possible, this will soften any stones and also dissolve any stones and also try some of the other vegetables and fruits mentioned into the list before doing this flush.

1 hour before bedtime drink:

  • Olive oil 1 cup
  • lemon or grapefruit juice 1 cup

drink total of one cup each but you can break this down in like a fourth of a cup and drink it until the full one cup each.

When you go to sleep at night be sure to lay on your right side, I would tuck your knees into your chest while doing so, this will help release stones

Next morning drink some Epsom salt with water about 4 cups. Epsom will get the bowels going to flush the stones out quickly and it doesn't taste very good, you could mix a little lemon or grapefruit juice in, so that it tastes better.

gallstones should come out during the day on the second day.

I would eat some fresh or soft veggies and broth during the day while doing this

most stones are black and green in color.

ACV/ Apple cider Vinegar daily:

Some research shows that ACV or apple cider vinegar is excellent for gallbladder pain

and dissolving gallstones.

taking 1 to 2 tablespoons with water per day with some honey.

Herbal supplements showing to work are:

Chanca Pedrea: translated as break stone.

Fruit of Figs (Dry shown to cure Gallstones)

Supplements for cure:

Magnesium, Milk Thistle, burdock root, lecithin, cinnamon and ginger

usually gallstones are caused from a magnesium deficiency.

Note: sometimes gallstones are caused because of a congested liver, sometimes its good to do a liver cleanse first.

In Conclusion

It is so important to take care of our body's before its too late and we have to resort to Doctors and Physicians to care for and cure our body's. We should try our very best to do the best that we can in our lives to be the greatest prevention. I hope that some of the information on Gallbladders - Home Remedies that can help, in some way form or fashion, to relieve some of the discomforts of the disease. Thank you for reading my article

and have a beautiful Day!!



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    • semitch profile image

      semitch 4 years ago

      I wrote about my Gallbladder Journey and really liked comparing what you found in your article to what my findings were. Past sometimes has a way of haunting us if we don't follow the diet rules! Thank you.

    • ajwrites57 profile image

      AJ 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      butterflystar, I had a slight gallbladder attack 2 weeks ago. Since then I have had ACV everyday, cut our wheat and red meat completely. and have been eating a lot of soup. Not sure I could do the gallbladder cleanse...Thanks for the info!

    • butterflystar profile image

      butterflystar 6 years ago from A Place of Success :)

      That is wonderful to hear!! I have tried it myself once and it did work, but I didn't do the full amount, little hesitant but I can definitely vouch that the cleanse does work :))

    • JanThinks profile image

      JanThinks 6 years ago

      I have actually done the 1 Cup of olive oil and lemon juice. It was the worse night of my life. But when I was done with the cleanse, I felt great. I am already older than anyone else in my family that still has their gall bladder, so it must have worked.