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How To Prevent Problem Gambling & Gambling Addictions

Updated on September 9, 2012
Don't be tempted to gamble beyond your limits
Don't be tempted to gamble beyond your limits

Problem Gambling - Prevent It Today!

Problem gamling is becoming a more common problem each year with thousands losing their homes and relationships to gambling addicitons. Gambling destroys families, careers and relationships

So what's the best way to prevent yourself from becoming a problem gambler?

Simple tips to Preventing Problem Gambling

Have someone responsible keep you company.

By keeping someone responsible with you at all times, this should limit your need to constantly sit there at the poker machines or blackjack tables. They'll be able to help convince you when it's the right time to leave and to help you keep an eye on the time so you're not tempted to spend your entire night gambling away.

Gradually limit the amount of times you go gamling each week.

If you set one day per month that you'll end up gambling, this will mean you have to wait until that one night before you can gamble. This means that you're restricted to how you can gamble away your money - for example, gambling for one night only means you have to choose where you're going to spend that night - at the local club, casino, or on the computer. Make sure you always set the limit as to how much you're planning to spend, and try to take someone with you.

Seeking Professional Gambling Advice

Seeking advice for gambling addictions can be as simple as making a few phone calls to assist you get back on track and prevent you from making the wrong choices. There are a number of organisations which can offer assistance for problem gamblers in different countries. The first step of course is to take action and make the first phone call

Gambling Can Destroy Your Family

Be aware that even the smallest dollars of gambling can add up!

Gambling can be addictiveExcessive gambling can destroy families and the lives of others. Gamble responsibly and if you do feel that you've become an excessive gambler and your gambling habits are out of control, contact an anonymous hotline for advice.

Gambling Addiction? Seek The Right Advice

Below are a list of organisations that can assist gamblers who feel they have an addiction:


St Vincent De Paul Society

The Salvation Army


For more information on various organisations and confidential appointments, please see your local government office or do a quick search on google. You too can stay anonymous and get your life back on track.


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