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Can HPV Vaccine Trigger Fatal ALS? by Creativita

Updated on October 20, 2009

ASK THE NURSE: Can HPV Vaccine Trigger Fatal ALS? by Creativita

GARDISIL® Vaccine May be Linked to 3 Deaths from ALS (Amytropic Lateral Sclerosis): More Public Health Data Needed on Gardisil®'s Potential toTrigger ALS


THIS IS A MEDICAL ALERT: Some of the over 7 million Girls injected with GARDISIL® (Human Papillomvirus vaccine)(HPV), a Merck biological, may have in common with a famous Baseball Player,Lou Gehrig, the tragic, neuro-wasting disease, Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

ALS ultimately suffocates the mentally alert patient. Also known as "Lou Gehrig’s Disease" after it killed his athletic agility; ALS first attacks the arms & legs. Soon speech & breathing are compromised. Then Dysphagia (trouble swallowing) sets in, making normal food and liquid intake impossible. Which leads to more neuropathic wasting and death, a death by choking...why many such patients wish to choose a more merciful manner of death.

Ominously, there have been 3 reported deaths of young girls who contracted ALS within a very near-time frame of receiving the so-called cervical-cancer-vaccine-prophylaxis. But so far, Merck’s spokes-scientists deny a connection.

DESPITE THE POSSIBLE ALS-CONNECTION, GlaxoSmithKline just got FDA Approval to sell its Cervarix® for HPV-Prevention in Girls; while Merck is FDA-approved to Expand its Gardisil® Market to Include Young Men and Boys with Genital Warts Hazardously, in this pharmaceutical world of unknowns, now GlaxoSmithKline just received FDA approval to market Cervarix for the same anti-cervical-cancer purpose. And the FDA has approved the marketing to physicians of Gardisil® for the indication of genital warts in young men and boys.

A Moratorium on HPV and Genital Warts vaccine prophylaxis is Warranted until scientists are convinced by further laboratory and/or clinical trials that it doesn't incite the killer Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis Before we start forcing these questionable vaccines on pubescent females and males, we need to do further clinical tests to rule out any connection between the delivery of Gardisil® to these youngsters and the emergence of Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis. Making this concern public and announcing the three deaths that occurred due to ALS, a mortality-dealing neurologic condition possibly triggered by Gardisil® vaccination, could encourage other cases in affected families to be brought to the attention of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

They would then alert physicians to ALS as a possible hazard, to provide informed consent with this added new knowledge about this dire risk and to weigh the risk of cervical cancer (a treatable condition) against the breath-robbing neurologic downhill course of ALS, about which doctors can do nothing.

I welcome readers comments and any specific information you may have that may add more light to this subject. I often note that many Rx products are brought to market prematurely (in Beta form, if you will), before all the kinks have been worked out in research and development, in animal studies, and in clinical trials...unfortunately, leaving the sick general public to suffer untoward consequences, some peramanent disabilities and pain, some mamings, some deaths.

In the rush to market, especially Rx products that are not urgent, open invitations to expensive personal injury and medical negligence lawsuits are implied.

The above is a serious subject because it reports on neurologic trauma and death with a truly suffering and frightening last breath.

However, I love to write on a wide range of topics, often unrelated to each other, some highly informative, some fictional/satirical. So, I invite you to visit my other hubpages such as BOREL SATIRE: FREUD (<--google this),, and my series BOREL OPINION COLUMN. Your comments are always welcome.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanx Zsuzsy, for your very kind comments on this hub. I am so sorry your friend suffered from ALS. Perhaps, someday, neuroscience with find causes and develop targeted treatments. Better yet, prevention once we know the cause(s). I happen to believe that many of our "modern" afflictions are due to "20th and 21st Century Toxic Assaults on our Immune Systems," which directly affect our brains and spinal cords.

      Also, Zsuzsy, recently I've written some urgent-subject hubs which only one other person seems to have visited. I think people are missing out on valuable info (I believe I write very dense medical material in an interesting and challenging way...and I'm trying to alert folks to dire health issues.) Well, enuf said. Thx again, Helen/Creativita

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 

      9 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Wow, that is quite the hub Creativita. I'm of the firm belief that the more chemicals we are made to ingest in the form of 'medicine' the worse off we become. Everything about us has been compromised all the way down to its microbial DNA. Everything from the food we can buy at the grocery stores to the air we breathe is laced with chemicals. And the pharmaceutical companies just continue the trend of more chemicals to cure what ever the chemicals have messed up already. It's a vicious circle...

      I bet you can see from my rant that this is a very sore and intense subject for me. My very good friend was diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs. The side effects of most of the meds perscribed were worse then the initial symptoms. Then came more meds to counter act those side effects which in turn reacted with the first, second and .....tenth batch of pills etc. which results in a long long line of horrible suffering with only one end result.

      Great hub

      kindest regards Zsuzsy


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